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Very Cutest Cat Cutest Kittens Cats Photo Book For Kids Cat Memes Baby Kittens Cats Photo Book Downl

A baby book your kids will page through all the time. Each page has adorable illustrations of cats, of different sizes, colors, and shapes, cuddling and laying together, making the cutest cuddle puddle ever!

Very Cutest Cat Cutest Kittens Cats Photo Book For Kids Cat Memes Baby Kittens Cats Photo Book Downl

Meow the Jewels succeeded, in large part, because El-P unwittingly tapped into what you might call the cat-powered consciousness of the Internet. During the last decade, cats have become synonymous with online cuddles and chuckles. In 2006, the website began turning hundreds of cats in ridiculous situations or compromised poses into memes, with large and mostly misspelled text stripped across the top and the bottom of each photo.

StartEndSpeakerTranscript4.19.49JWlipsmack Okay I'm um Jordan Wright. I'm thirteen years old.9.7917.2JWThe date is December twenty eighth. um We're in Countee Cullen Library in Harlem and this is my grandmother.17.7824.59CWOhh um uh I'm Constance Wright. I'm eighty seven and a half years old.24.9932.34CWToday is December twenty eighth nineteen -- two thousand seven and uh32.7440.75CWI am also in the Countee Cullen Library in Harlem and eh I'm with my grandson Jordan.43.2145.09JWAnd so where did you grow up?45.7953.42CWWhat? uh Before I grew up I was born and I was born in Harlem and I grew up in Harlem.54.4562.03CWI have lived in Harlem all of my life with little breaks here and there uh62.1764.18CWin the suburbs of New Jersey.65.7869.66JWOkay. What was the child like -- childhood like in Harlem?70.0474.78CWWell contrary to um76.6282.66CWthe ideas and attitudes of people far far away from Harlem um82.7690.15CWit was a rather bucolic existence. I mean we lived S- um a very very happy go lucky life.90.697.48CWuh We did all the things that you hear in all the so called idealized communities. uh We played,97.71105.45CWwe were taken places, we ate, um we interacted with our parents, we had105.49108.19CWuh chores to do. um108.63116.63CWBoringly normal in one way but V- very reassuring and happy as a child. Mhm.116.28121.1JWbreath Did you have any brothers or sisters that you grew up with that got to represent with this childhood with you?119.02123.05CWI uh got -- in that case I had one brother. My brother and I123.36129.04CWcough were the only children in my -- in my mother and father's family. And we were129.69136.06CWborn rather close together. Ohh he was two years older than I was lipsmack and136.44142.29CWwe went everywhere together and we did everything together so much so that nobody said Raymond142.66149.42CWwithout saying Connie. So they all -- everybody always asked where's Raymond and Connie? Where's Raymond and Connie?149.69157.31CWIt was never one without the other. We were very -- we had a very close relationship. Now and again stormy as brothers and sisters157.34162.07CWwill do but it never lasted very long because um162.45167.95CWwe felt close together. We did a lot of things together maybe. uh168.22175.33CWDoesn't happen nowadays. uh We went on to -- we -- we made up trips to take within the city limits175.33183.13CWand we went on them together so we had to figure out how to go and come. lipsmack We played together. His friends were my friends183.6190.42CWand it was uh a very wonderful warm intimate relationship that we shared growing up.191.11191.66JWum193.65201.55JWlipsmack um What kind of S- like you talk about what -- specifically what kind of things did you do together? Like did you go out to the pool in the summer or?200.53208.3CWWell for one -- yes well now yes -- well for one thing as I can think far back -- the thing we did always208.36215.89CWwas go to my grandmother's house together. And my grandmother lived on a Hundred Thirty Fourth Street and we lived one a Hundred Thirty215.99222.79CWEighth Street. lipsmack And I can know that uh whenever we set out to go to my grandmother's house uh223.01230.38CWmy -- my brother was always forewarned to look out for me and to keep hold of me. That he was told to take230.42236.57CWmy hand but he took my neck instead and we would walk down the street with his hand236.79241.91CWholding me around the neck so that I couldn't move too much to the left or to the right.242.44248.86CWAnd when we got to a Hundred Thirty Fifth Street it was a big wide street. We were like six --248.86256.42CWI was about six and he was about eight and that presented a problem but the solution was to go down into the256.48264.07CWsubway on one side of the street and come up on the other side of the street. And we were on our way down264.14271.1CWto a Hundred Thirty Fourth Street to see my grandmother. breath So that was one of the things we used to do all the time because we liked to go to her house.271.28277.3CWShe let us romp on her couch which my mother didn't let us do and mess it up -- anyway we277.75285.02CWwanted to mess it up. And then we had another -- we had a great grandmother who lived down in what is now called285.25292.01CWChelsea. Was down -- Eighteenth Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenue and292.84299.22CWI don't know how my brother -- he -- my -- my -- my brother always seemed to know much more than I do -- did. He knew how to get down there.299.36305.31CWAnd so my mother would uh review with him how we were going to get from a Hundred Thirty Eighth Street305.31311.3CWdown to eighteenth Street and ninth Avenue and then she would let us go as far as (())312.37319.32CWAnd we would uh we would take the um the L then they called it. In those days on eighth Avenue319.64323.28CWthey had the elevated trains on -- they were on -- breath323.28330.17CWwell +basically the elevated trains were on third Avenue, sixth Avenue, and ninth Avenue but we could get a330.61338.7CWum over on -- it was over on eighth Avenue that we picked it up. And uh we would take it on downtown. You'd have to change339.02346.91CWto the um express at -- but my brother had the situation well in hand and we -- downtown we went.347.09354.79CWAnd Fifty Ninth Street it would take a big wide curve to get to over this to ninth Avenue.355.07359.71CWAnd it was wonderful train ride (()) (()) and I felt very very grown up.360.69364.93JWWhat were your great grandmother and your grandmother like as people?364.31366.49CWW- where did they live?366.15367.89JWlipsmack As people what were they like?367.81374.96CWWhat were they like? Well truth to tell I really didn't care for my great grandmother.375.18383.07CWum She was rather um a stiff formal person. Very -- she was very tiny and she was very383.12390.09CWstiff and she wore they would look like costumes today because they were long black dresses that went all the way390.11395.85CWdown to the floor and they had the bosoms that came out and the very wasp waist395.85403.88CWand she was always very S- and the white starched collars and -- and the hair was done up and that's the way she always looked.403.96411.11CWI -- I wondered if she laugh you know ever went to bed or changed those clothes but they were always very stiff as you see -- you eh411.14416.21CWsometimes in the pictures you look at them olden times. And uh418.65425.72CWsh- -- sh- -- she -- we -- we -- she was always very formal with us. She would find seats for us and we would sit down425.91433.59CWand then she would ask us questions. Can you do this and can you do that? And when you get my age -- I can remember her saying once433.67439.19CWwhen you get my age if you can do this you'll be in good physical condition and she bent over and touched --439.43447.51CWtouched her -- her toes. And she was in her seventies or eighties at laugh that particular time. I was impressed. laugh447.55453.28CWBut my other grandmother ah those kinds of she -- she -- H- my grandmother not my great grandmother453.28461.43CWshe was not um very formal at all. She -- and we L- we adored her. But she was not always available to us. She seemed to be455.36456.57JWlipsmack She was loose?461.86469.74CWin the other room W- working on things all the time but she came out and she gave orders and people did things for us you know.470.2476.52CWThey would take us to the movies or they would uh G- take us to get lunch somewhere or the other you know.477.06482.07CWAnd she would let us stay overnight. That was the part we liked the best so um482.49490.83CWlipsmack or else she'd fix a gigantic dinner and everybody would come and they'd -- they'd -- they'd -- they'd have little contests about how much491.2498.62CWcorn they -- they could eat. She would bake a -- fix a -- a -- a plate of -- of corn that seemed to go almost up to the sky.498.81505.11CWAnd people would say ohh I can eat seven ears or I can eat -- and I couldn't imagine people that many ear- but they did.505.11511.1CWYou know and it was fun at the dinner table with my -- my grandmother. She was you know very informal511.45514.04CWand inviting as a person. breath514.04515.9JWWhat were your mother and father like?516.8523.07CWWell breath my father was a rather formal person and my mother was very informal.523.61529.65CWuh When you talked to your -- my father you minded your Ps and your Qs and your English as well.530.29536.82CWAnd my mother well you could talk to her any way you wanted to talk to her you know breath but uh lipsmack536.82540.54CWget her to do things that maybe she hadn't a mind to do.540.75547.9CWOne of the things we liked to do was to um in those days eat lunch in the summertime on the fire escape.547.9549.62CWThat was like picnicking550.67557.94CWand uh she wasn't always eh +interested interested in us being out on the fire escape.558.01563.25CWBut we would plead with her and we'd take a blanket and lay it out there and we'd buy liverwurst563.74571.52CWum and -- and eh rolls we liked. I don't know what we drank but uh we would be on a picnic571.75578.05CWon the fire escape on the blanket when the sun H- had passed by that part of our uh578.35584.47CWlipsmack our buildings. And we could even take a nap out there after -- we loved -- we loved O- out on the fire escape584.47588.25CWon a -- we called ourselves being on a picnic. That's when we were very small.589.07593.26JWWell do you have any favorite stories from childhood? One that really stand out to you.593.95600.18CWum you mean -- you mean eh literary stories. I used -- I used to read the nursery rhymes600.36608.08CWall the time again and again and again over and over and over. My mother -- at first my mother would read them to me608.36611.85CWand then sh- one day she said you can read it yourself612.64618.49CWso I began to try to read it myself and I know I'd be in one room and she'd be in another618.79623.16CWand I would come across a word I didn't know and I would yell out to her623.52630.99CWmomma what does you know B_L_A_C_K spell? And she'd yell it back and I'd go on with my story. breath630.99637.13CWYes and so I -- I knew the nursery +rhymes er rhymes like the back of my hand backwards and forwards you know637.03637.41JWWell --637.13641.18CWLittle Bo Peep or um um um um641.2647.97CWThe Three Blind Mice or you know all of the nursery rhymes that were in these books that I had.648.42655.06JWAnd what was your favorite adventure I could say with your -- that you had with father -- I mean with your brother or any other one of your relatives?654.15655.98CWFavorite adventure I had?659.07660.15CWI suppose661.27667.21CWadventure meaning going off by myself or adventure being -- being with my -- with -- with the adults?666.59669.11JWlipsmack It could be with anyone. Just in general.668.37675.18CWHang on. I think the biggest thing that stood out in my child is that -- at -- in my mind as a child is when I was taken675.2681.83CWto Niagra Falls because they -- we -- I think we slept overnight on the -- on -- on the train682.2690.3CWon the way and then after we got there we stayed in this big house and the next day we were taken to the falls.691.22695.04CWlipsmack We stayed in Buffalo. I don't know -- I don't know the lady's name695.35702.96CWbut uh she bought us these big jars -- big -- they weren't jars they were cans of peanut butter703.35711.13CWW- with -- you know that you could carry. It was like a pail. And -- and it only costs five cents and it's was a +great great big pail of peanut butter711.43719.81CWand it -- that she had bought each one of us a pail of peanut butter. breath And then I remember going to the falls and putting on the raincoats720.35728.51CWand then suddenly my grandmother appeared. She met us there and we all went under the falls together with these -- with these ah raincoats on.728.93735.49CWAnd then we got into this big car and we stopped along the way and -- and we bought um736.17742.39CWthere again we bought T- big tomatoes and they gave us salt -- salt and in this742.49748.959CWcar as we're riding we're eating tomatoes with the salt on it and I had -- these are things that I had never done before yeah.749.6757.4CWSo that stands out in my mind going under the falls and riding in the car and stopping and buying tom- big basket of tomatoes757.81760.02CWand the lady giving us the peanut butter.761.39767.54JWWas your brother the -- the one you had the strongest relationship as a child or was it your mother or father or?766.44770.77CWWhat's -- what breath and I missed that Jordy. Could you tell me again?771.47776.86JWWas your F- was it your brother who you had the strongest relationship in your family or was it your mother or your?776.88784.16CWOhh the -- the strongest relationship was with my brother. Yeah I mean we -- we -- we planned things and thought784.25788.66CWhow to get them. Or else we were told to do things together788.88796.09CWand we had to work out the division of labor or the division of responsibility. lipsmack I remember once we were --796.31803.36CWmy grandmother was taking us on a boat ride breath eh and uh you had to get the tickets in advance803.4809.14CWfrom the church so my grandmother gave my brother who was the older809.74817.11CWmoney for the tickets to buy and uh we got outside and we walked half a block817.43823.9CWand my brother said here you buy them and he shoved the money at me. Well neither one of us knew --824.58830.73CWit turned out to be Saint Philip's Church by the way but neither one of us had ever been to Saint Philip's before830.94835.85CWand we -- neither one of us wanted to go in breath and speak to the lady to order the tickets.836.19841CWBut he being the older he called the shots and he shoved the money at me.841848.93CWtold me I had to go in and I said I'm not going. I'm not going. laugh breath And we got to the church office and he walked on849.1856.54CWto the corn- he wasn't going to laugh and I didn't know what to do so I finally screwed up my courage and went in and bought the tickets856.54858.66CWfor the boat ride. cough859.71865.09JWWhat were holidays like in your family? Did a lot of people come over or what went on in general?864.54866.85CWWell I -- I C- well I can remember867.89873.72CWThanksgiving. I can +remember +remember uh Thanksgiving when we went to my uncle's house874.15880.79CWuh for Thanksgiving dinner. They -- and I can remember they had a big table maybe about twice this size880.86889.06CWand everybody sat around the table uh for dinner and my uncle made wine during the winter. He made889.61897.11CWred wine. He had it in great big vats under the sink and so that was the wine that we drank897.16905.55CWfor Thanksgiving dinner. And then he had a Stromberg-Carlson in those days which was an unique possession. It was a radio.906.13914.25CWAnd after dinner was over we all sat around the Stromberg-Carlson to listen to the music or stories or whatever914.67921.81CWcame across. I remember that as one Thanksgiving. Christmas was al- well Christmas was always a big howl922.18929.36CWbecause Santa Claus was a big thing in children's lives in those days and for weeks they held it over your head929.73937.47CWthat if you weren't good Santa Claus wasn't coming you know that Santa Claus wasn't coming you know. All straightened up and get that uh937.68943.73CWback in order and at the end we didn't sleep in our own rooms943.75950.9CWwhen it was Sant- time for Santa Claus because our rooms the -- the -- the D- you had to pass through our rooms when you950.93955.64CWcame into the apartment so then we got to sleep in my mother and father's bed956.09963.88CWbecause that was the end room in the apartment and Santa didn't go into that room. So we had to sleep in there so that uh964.34971.85CWum Santa wouldn't come unless you were fast asleep and we couldn't wake up and see Santa and chase Sant- make Santa go away. breath971.85978.93CWSo that was fun. We got to sleep in my mother and father's bed when it was -- and we waited and waited and waited and waited979.7986CWand I remember once I fell asleep and woke up Santa hadn't come but my uncle had986.37993.79CWand we had some -- we had a fireplace and the stockings were on the fireplace and my uncle had put oranges994.241001.64CWand I wondered what kind of gift was that you know. But I late- later learned that it was um a very famous Russian1001.671006.23CWcustom to put oranges in -- in the children's stockings so1006.821013.08CWwhere -- where he had acquired it I don't know. But he brought oranges and put in our stockings and that was supposed to be a treat.1015.131020.7JWWhere do you remember like going traveling internationally or in the U_S? What trips do you remember the most?1021.761027.93CWI began my international travels when I became an adult and my children1028.051030.29CWwere practically grown. I didn't uh1031.421036.85CWyou know I'd had my nose to the wheel before that you know working. I had to work every day.1037.671044.18CWum But I began to -- my first trip I -- abroad I would say was to Africa. I went to Senegal.1044.971051.88CWum During the Easter holidays they had what was called um the first world1052.531057.53CWAfrican festival. And it was in Senegal I think it was nineteen sixty1058.881065.61CWthree or nineteen sixty four. And all of the countries you know participated. It was for ten days. breath1065.611073.36CWI remember it only cost five hundred and seventy four dollars for ten days to go and the -- all meals including sleeping accommodations1073.841081.2CWand we were in these lovely lovely little huts surrounding this big hotel which was the hotel in Senegal1081.421083.98CWat that time. breath lipsmack1083.21085.11JWWhat was your favorite part of that trip?1085.641093.35CWThe interesting part? The interesting part to me was that the trip was ten days long and I didn't sleep for ten days and ten nights. laugh1093.371100.74CWWhen I got back breath on that tr- or that plane I slumped in my sleep and I never budged until the plane1100.761106.29CWtouched down. breath I was exhausted but I had a merry old time. laugh1106.471108.51JWWhere else have you gone internationally? Is that it?1107.351112.99CWI -- and well then -- then I got G- I got to -- I got to see some historic sites too.


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