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Justin Brennan

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Are you trying to create passive income and more financial freedom for yourself and your family? Are you stuck in a sales hamster wheel or a 9-5 job that is not fulfilling? I can help. 

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I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity at financial freedom. Societal norms, schools and the media have taught us to go to school, get a good job, get a 401(k) and retire at 65. I think that’s backwards. I want more. I want to help those who want more too.  I want to help my fellow realtors grinding everyday in the hamster wheel of sales, move the needle and transition into realtor-investors. Realtors are true entrepreneurs with a passion for helping others fulfill their dream of ownership, but rarely do it for themselves.  I want to help every single one of the 2 million realtors in the United States become a realtor-investor, own property, generate  passive income and financial freedom for themselves and for others. That’s my dream.

About Justin Brennan

Justin Brennan is a 3rd generation multifamily investor, luxury real estate broker, speaker and entrepreneur who has worked in real estate since 2006. "Justin is nationally recognized and a rare talent. His background blends formal education with hands on street smarts. The best part is Justin's willingness to freely share his knowledge and skills with clients, investors and students around the world. Not many people can take complicated topics and simplify them for everyday people to understand. He has a gift." #AbundanceToGive Podcast



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Apartment Building

"EXECUTION is the difference between the have's and have not's. You can have great networks, money, education, knowledge and all the opportunities at your fingertips, but if you don't take action, implement and execute... it's irrelevant."


Whether you are new or seasoned investor, we have something for you. JOIN FREE today. You can check out my crash course or if your are ready to jump in, we offer a complete 90 day system to help you set up your multifamily business and accelerate your journey. LET'S GO!

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Learn The CashFlow Game

Passive income is a powerful tool, especially when it exceeds your 9-5 income. It takes hard work and determination, but once it is set up, you will truly begin to experience financial freedom.

How to get into the multifamily

Real estate is a beautiful tool that allows you to make money and legally avoid taxes. Learn the benefits of tax savings with real estate, especially multifamily

How to transition from sales to multifamily investing, bigger money, bigger game.

There are 4 quadrants of cash flow. Most people sit in the employee or self employed quadrants. The real wealth, freedom and passive income is found as a business owner or investor. Learn from Justin how to make that transition. He did it for himself as an employee, then self employed and then business owner & Investor.

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