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I have been using Canva for a couple of years. I used their free & premium versions. Some of you may get a 30-day free trial for the premium membership. Another cool thing is you can use the premium version whenever you need it. For example, you can subscribe to the premium membership for a month and cancel it in the next month or when your job is done. It only costs $6.49 per month for one person.

Fiverr Premium


Hello i just recently purched a logo for 80.00 and i and new to all of this and i cnt seem to get the designer to even respond to me to help me access all that i have purched to print my lables and move for ward for my small business my products are ready to go but but figuring this part out is the issue im not familer to none of this and customer service is no help either can you please help me i dont even know what i purched in my package my designer didnt explain nothing to me. do i have to download the adobe illistrater first and if so how do i access my files from fiverr

Fiverr is a great place to earn extra cash, as long as you have the right skills and can deliver top-notch service. If you believe that you have what it takes to provide premium services, Fiverr can help you earn as much as you want by doing what you love from anywhere in the world.

I just got banned and blocked. No free speech, I joined fiverr in 2010, took me years and hard work to get to top rated seller, the they pull your most profitable gigs without explanation and put you back where you belong.

Sorry to read of your experience with fiverr customer care. Please understand that a 3 year old could do more than those stupid uneducated An Idiot Abroad type customer service people. They dont value freelancers you only make them money. They break there own T&C that often i am not surprised those idiots replying as so called customer care dont care. Report your cause to visa or MasterCard, then you see the top scammer owners of fiverr working. Stay as far away from as you can. in saying that there is a lot of real and genuine freelancers on the site . but with the most stupid pigs ever in customer care, scammer owners and the biggest load of scammers going fiverr is the new style of fraud.

Fortunately, I did my due diligence before posting my seller profile on fiverr. It led me to your serendipitous article and I have now deleted all my info from the site. You saved me a lot of potential sweat and tears. Thank you.

Oh yea it does reflect it but you just dont want to admit it. Just look how many comments share your opinion it is not a matter that you have good experience it is a matter that more people have a bad one.I somehow think you are not even working there yourself but either have company or you are employer of fiverr.

ALL FIVERR SUPPORT IS is fluff.The owners of fiverr should know that ZENDESK STAFF are being paid to do NOTHING.THey dont care about anti bullying, in fact zendesk support WILL BULLY YOU themselves.

I am a frequent buyer on fiverr and recently starting selling. My last transaction however, was completed by Fiverr and then cancelled even though I delivered the work. In fact, I spent a week of work on the project and spent money on plugins for the client, and now not only did I work for free I also lost my own money too. I sent a complaint to CS but no response. Also no response from the buyer who has been refunded.

Support tickets are closed without an answerSupport tickets are answered with AUTOPOST repliesAny support tickets opened to request a TEAM LEADER or a person higher up in support are immediately DELETEDFiverr support THREATEN site users with TOS violations IF they contact fiverr support again.Fiverr support BAND TOGETHER to continue bullying and intimidation of site users and NO support worker will EVER review or fix issues by any support worker that has added answers BEFORE them.Fiverr team leaders will only message you to THREATEN YOU with a TOS and will NOT do anything about any issues being caused by support workers.Fiverr support ALLOWS COPYRIGHT THEFT and does NOT take down stolen content used on the website even WHEN NOTIFIEDFiverr Support ALLOWS buyers to BULLY and THREATEN sellers and does NOTHING.Fiverr Support ALLOW buyers to order gigs, get goods or services and then refund the buyer even when it is PROVED that the goods or services WERE supplied exactly as described in gig description and in the gig order. And they do this without contacting the seller first! Im guessing they let their friends get work done for free.Fiverr support state that ALL reviews left are an OPINION even if it includes hatespeech, swearwords, name calling or bullying. Liabelous statements made in reviews are NOT removed. False reviews are NOT removed. The review is NOT investigated or READ by ANY support staff. Reviews that have NOTHING to do with the gig ordered, or the work done are NOT removed.Fiverr support WILL FREEZE your earnt funds if you continue to press your support issue. This has happened to me. Fiverr support was notified that I was being THREATENED by another site user and I WAS BULLIED BY SUPPORT STAFF who refused to do ANYTHING about it.Fiverr support do NOT KNOW the TERMS OF SERVICE rules, and when you make a complaint they will only send you a link to it and do nothing. When you show them WHERE in the TOS you are correct they will STOP answering you.Fiverr support will USE the TOS to THREATEN site users.

Being extorted by one of the fiverr consultants after they deleted 17 www sites.fiverr refuses to take ANY responsability.Avoid this if you do not have a passport photo of your consultant.fiverr is a terrible choice.

Hello, i have same problems with fiverr support they are di.ckheads or BOTs i asked twice help in different cases and twice get punished for that now all my gigs are denied and my account under review but why? when i complete work and deliver that website buyer send me message and say he wants now cancel order because my website files dont work he lie my and dont show any issue and after that he make website backup and download in PC after that he delete all filles in public_html, when i ask help to support they defend buyer and my gigs now is denied

I am new to fiverr as a buyer of services. Nonetheless, I read your article and can only express (as a salesperson) how scope creep and creeps in general can ruin a good thing for the rest of us. I hope that the small percentage of jerks wont dissuade you ( and your wife in particular) from advancing your work on Fiverr. I only say this because I just today, made my first purchase, and I truly pray that the work is performed well (fear is that if Fiverr is soo bad to freelancers, that only the bad freelancers remain). I paid for the expedited receipt of work ($200 for this). I am an excellent salesperson, but not a great writer, and could use the assistance of one to help craft emails, cold pitches, etc.

The racial comments came after I asked for feedback and assistance. I then reported the issue to fiverr who deleted ONLY that message and has been closing all my support tickets asking for a copy of the message to revert to legal action.

These guidelines can become a little tricky to work with initially, but ensure to create the best-fit by using the recommended fiverr profile image size to perfectly size the Fiverr profile image for your business!

When it comes to LinkedIn, you have to be very sure of what goes up in your profile. You are in the middle of your peers and competition businesses, hence, holding back or messing up is no option. Glorify offers hundreds of photos, designs, templates, all at one place so you never have to worry about spending time on other websites to gather all elements. We have everything that you need to put your best foot forward and let your business be applauded for the professional imagery it deserves. Our library features crisp fonts and designs that strike the right chord in the world of business. While the majority of our images remain free, you could also choose to explore the premium, paid images. Choose the premium plan that suits you the best, Glorify Pro or Glorify Business, and be never restricted by choices ever again!

Click here to see their range of logo templates and you will find a mix of premium and free templates available. There are free templates available in a variety of styles and niches including gaming, technology, events, clothing, and so much more.

Canva offers two types of membership, one of them is free while the other one is premium. If you want to sell your services, you will need a premium account. You can start a premium account and then sell the services.

This logo gig starts at $25 for the basic package, which comes with 1 concept and logo transparency. The standard package ($95) includes an additional concept, a printable file, and a 3D mockup. The premium package ($150) includes 3 concepts, the source file, and a social media kit.

This designer offers his starter package for $70 which includes 2-day deliver, 2 concepts and the source file. The premium package goes for $300 and includes a social media package and 5 concepts to choose from.

This gig starts with the basic package for $15. In this package, you can get 2 logo options in 2 days, with 3 optional revisions. For a little more ($105 for premium), you will receive 4 initial options and priority support through the process.

These gigs start at the low price of $15 for the basic package. This gig offers 1-day delivery and up to 4 revisions. If you are looking for all the bells and whistles, you will want to go with his premium gig for $125. This comes with:

Canva was established in 2012 as a free basic graphic design tool for anyone looking to create beautiful visual content without having to download software or pay for premium tools like Adobe. The platform focused on allowing people to create, edit or design icons, logos, posters, brochures, artwork, and more without needing any design experience. 041b061a72


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