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Xam idea book for class 9 social science free download

Xam idea is a popular series of books for CBSE students who are preparing for their board exams. Xam idea books cover all the subjects of class 9, including social science. Social science is a subject that deals with the study of human society and its various aspects, such as history, geography, political science and economics. Xam idea books for social science help students to understand the concepts, facts and events related to these topics in an easy and interesting way.

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Xam idea books for social science are divided into four sections, each corresponding to a different subject. Each section has chapters that begin with a flow chart explaining the basic concepts. The chapters also include NCERT solutions, objective type questions, very short, short and long answer questions, HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills) questions, self-assessment tests, periodic tests and model test papers. These features help students to revise the topics thoroughly and practice their skills effectively.

Xam idea books for social science are updated according to the latest CBSE syllabus and examination pattern. They are designed to help students score well in their exams and also develop their interest and curiosity in the subject. Xam idea books for social science are available in both print and digital formats. Students can buy the printed books from any book store or online platform, or they can download the e-books from the official website of Xam idea.

Xam idea books for social science are a valuable resource for class 9 students who want to excel in their studies and exams. They provide comprehensive and reliable information on the topics covered in the syllabus, along with ample practice material and assessment tools. Xam idea books for social science are also useful for teachers who want to guide their students effectively and make their classes more interactive and engaging.

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