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Watch GR Winchester 2018 HDR [UPDATED]

NOTE: This remastered DVD is being released in several formats over the period of a month or so and may only be available from Amazon resellers. Make sure you are ordering a 2018 "Re-Mastered" edition. Do not order the 2011 "Repackaged" DVD or previous versions.

Watch GR Winchester 2018 HDR

Aspiring musician Miguel, confronted with his family's ancestral ban on music, enters the Land of the Dead to find his great-great-grandfather, a legendary singer. OSCAR WINNER: Best Animated Feature Film and Original Song 2018.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Order this "4K Ultra HD+Blu-ray+Digital" edition only, as the June 2018 Blu-ray only edition reportedly does not contain the new AD tracks. HOWEVER, please note that the Blu-ray discs included in this version also do NOT contain AD, as they are from the "old" set. You need a 4K disc player to access the AD tracks OR you can download the digital version to which you are entitled with this version. This video was added here in August, 2019.

NOTE: This is the 2018 4K Rerelease of the 2003 movie. CAUTION: The Blu-ray/DVD packaging (not pointed to above) does NOT mention Audio Description -- just the 4K one does. However, we suspect the Blu-ray copy does contain it, since the track is available (it's on the 4K), and the original Tomb Raider Blu-ray reissue shown abovedoes contain description. This is the Cradle of Life Blu-ray link. Please advise us re description if you purchase this! Added here May 15, 2018.

NOTE: This is the 2018 Blu-ray (or 4K) Rerelease of this 2001 movie. The DVD which comes with the described Blu-ray disc does not indicate description on the packaging. Added here May 15, 2018.

NOTE: Make sure you are ordering the 2018 version (lots of carrots on the cover), not the 2015 version by Nickelodeon. Also, this video contains audio description in both English and French.

Legislation recently passed by Minnesota calls for a study that will look at existing toll lanes, their potential expansion, potential pilot projects and tolling technology, with results to be available by Jan. 2, 2018. Meanwhile, the Indiana Department of Transportation wants to studying tolling interstates, and the agency is considering seeking the help of outside consultants. KAAL-TV (Austin, Minn.) (6/7), The Times of Northwest Indiana (Munster) (6/8)

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has decided to donate $5 million to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to train and support 30 cadets in 2018. The OHP suffered an 11% decrease in funding in 2017, and no cadets are being trained this year. The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City) (5/31)

President Donald Trump's proposed budget for fiscal 2018 includes $200 billion for infrastructure investment over 10 years and lifts some restrictions on tolling interstates. Some are opposed to the idea, but Patrick Jones, executive director and CEO of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association, supports it, noting that states wouldn't be forced to institute tolls, but could use them if they needed another revenue source. Fleet Owner (5/23), Transport Topics Online (5/23)

Construction on a new interchange on Interstate 85 in Georgia will start in 2018 after the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners voted to accept $6 million in federal funding. The interchange will connect with and extend tolled express lanes. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (free content) (5/2)

Construction on the 10-mile-long, tolled Wekiva Parkway is underway in central Florida, and the first two sections should open this summer. When complete in 2018, the work will finish the Central Florida Beltway. WOFL-TV (Orlando, Fla.) (5/2)

Construction of the world's longest floating bridge wrapped up a year ago, and the Washington State Department of Transportation said vehicles have taken 30 million trips across the tolled span on State Route 520 since then. The next phase of the project should start in 2018. GeekWire (4/25)

The Texas Department of Transportation is building a tolled loop around Houston, and it recently awarded an $855 million contract to Grand Parkway Infrastructure to develop, design, construct and maintain a 44-mile segment of that road. Work could start in 2018 and be substantially complete in 2022. Houston Chronicle (tiered subscription model) (4/20)

Georgia is in the middle of the largest traffic project in the country, an $834 million effort to add reversible toll lanes on 30 miles of Interstate 75. The project should be finished in 2018, and the state is considering other managed toll lane projects. The Marietta Daily Journal (Ga.) (tiered subscription model) (3/7)

The Commonwealth Transportation Board has approved a plan to extend high-occupancy toll lanes on Interstate 95 near Washington, DC, and convert high-occupancy lanes on Interstate 395 to toll lanes. The first part of the I-95 project, covering 2.2 miles, is expected to be completed in 2018, and the second part, covering 10 miles, should be finished in 2021. WTOP-FM (Washington, DC) (2/16)

"A thorough look at the folk horror genre including the documentary Woodlands Dark And Days Bewitched: A History Of Folk Horror (Kier-La Janisse, 2021). If you liked the film November (2017), or The Field Guide to Evil (2018), you should consider this or at least check out the documentary." - Ken Schwarz

"Tbh the first Shawscope set I was a little underwhelmed by but this set has so many films I would recommend to people if they asked which Shaw films to watch first. And great packaging, fun extras etc. etc." - Seamus Kirkpatrick

Six classic films with unforgettable performances. Experience these landmark films from Columbia Pictures like never before, now fully remastered and debuting on 4K Ultra HD. With movies that fearlessly portray the scope of human emotion and actors that memorably embody iconic characters - and with hours of special features and an exclusive 80-page book with unique insights and production detail about each of the included films - this third volume of the Columbia Classics 4K Ultra HD Collection is truly the best way to watch these treasured cinematic favorites.

"The Little Rascals - The Complete Collection Centennial Edition (1929-1938) ClassicFlix. Generations of Americans have grown up watching the films in this collection, in theaters and on television. Over the years, they had been edited for content, cut down to make time for commercials and generally neglected when it came to preservation. ClassicFlix has stepped up and given all 80 sound of the Hal Roach produced Our Gang/Little Rascals sound shorts full restorations and packaged them individually and in this box set with all manner of extras including outtakes, home movies and interviews with grown up members of the gang. These comedies are more than just children's entertainment or nostalgia for a simpler time. They are timeless. They are cultural touchstones and part of our collective consciousness.Edgar G. Ulmer Sci-Fi Collection (The Man from Planet X - 1951, The Amazing Transparent Man - 1960, Beyond the Time Barrier - 1960) Kino - Three silk purses (well, maybe two silk purses and a knockoff) courtesy of the master of the no budget film. The Man from Planet X is the most personal of the three, with its budget miniatures and its expressionist fog working overtime to provide atmosphere while obscuring the threadbare sets. The seriously creepy Tiki headed alien with the wooden visage and the dome light in his space helmet somehow triggers primal fear with his enigmatic and well-timed appearances. The Amazing Transparent Man, on the other hand, seems generic and uninspired. And finally, Beyond the Time Barrier is for me the jewel of the collection. Presented in High Def. for the first time, this the best it has ever looked on video. Along with Edward Bernds' World Without End (1956), it borrows heavily from H G Wells' The Time Machine. Both are prime examples of 50's B movie time travel. But whereas Bernds' film provides hope for its time travelers trapped in the future, Ulmer's film is darker, ending on a much less optimistic note- a vision of destruction and decay, and a warning to cold war audiences." - Ken Schwarz

"Dick Johnson Is Dead A heartbreaking documentary - already available on Netflix, but the Criterion disc had Kirsten Johnsen's commentary, which I listened to immediately after watching the film. The supplements were a rare inspired Criterion collation. They used to be the leader at this.The Draughtsman's Contract At last - a decent Peter Greenaway transfer!The Quiet Girl One of the best films of the year.Monsieur Hire Gorgeous Cohen Media Group release of a French classic, with a good set of supplements.Parallel Mothers Sony has always provided faithful representations of arthouse cinema. One of the best films of 2022, another amazing film by Pedro Almodovar.Love Affair Very nice Criterion releaseMad God Unexpected great release of an instant cult filmDaisies Now on Sight & Sound's 100 Greatest Films Of All Time list - great timing by Criterion and a great transfer!Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Warner Archive always deliver magica with their classic film releases" - Kevin Sunde Oppegaard

"The Party and the Guests (Second Run UK) - A film I had always wanted to see but never had the opportunity until Second Run's exquisite restoration. The film itself is another allegorical tale about the state of our nations (in these troubled times, we are looking for fables that represent the human condition). Fantastically detailed commentary by Jonathan Owen plus a second by Mike White's fabulous Projection Booth crew, who were clearly passionate about this long banned film. The inclusion of a booklet of essays plus the BR debut of Tmka's animated surreal short 'The Hand' (1965) made this a powerful, timely release.MEMORIA (Sovereign Films UK) - It was looking unlikely that this would get a physical release (this may still be the case in the States) at the behest of the director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, who wanted this to remain a theatrical experience. This collector's edition is a memorable package that mesmerises this viewer at home as much as it did in the cinema. Lots of interviews in the extras add deep insight into this enigmatic arthouse treat and help peel away the mystery of this enigmatic film text (although not entirely). I have spent a lot of 2022 exploring Weerasethakul's dreamy back catalogue and this first venture outside Thailand promises some exciting future slow-burn treats.ARREBATO (Altered Innocence US) - Another challenging film text, but this release was a cinephile's dream (or nightmare). 2022 was a year that the power of the podcast took hold of me and my desire to see this film was aroused by Elric Kane's impassioned review of this film on the Pure Cinema podcast. Arrebato is a landmark film of Spanish cinema that confuses, frustrates but ultimately delights. Zuletta's film looks stunning in this 4K restoration and it's themes of addiction to film creativity have resulted in me needing a kick from this blu ray every few months. Utterly hooked.PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES (Kino Lorber US) - The picture quality of this release is out of this world and depicts Bava's sci-fi vision beautifully. The narrative does lack some atmosphere but this is a perfect alien invasion of your screen. The extras, including a fabulous commentary by Bava biographer Tim Lucas, adds a further cosmic dimension. Stunning.THE APPOINTMENT (BFI Flipside UK) - This unusual film oddity never got a theatrical release but has been subject to much speculation around its cult appeal. Meanders in the middle but the prologue and epilogue are really special and a testament the efforts of the BFI to trace an existing copy of this disturbing film and to allow the director Lindsay Vickers the opportunity to relate his experience in the comprehensive extras.THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP (101 Films UK) - Another oddity, that was also thought long lost. This blu ray release looks gorgeous and the package provides the original Argentinian cut to contrast alongside the sexed-up US version. These great extras also include a riveting audio commentary by Frank Henenlotter. My curiosity is sated.PICKPOCKET (BFI) - My pick from a trio of Bresson blu rays released by the BFI. Superb special features include Schrader (of course) and a typically eclectic collection of documentaries and public information films on the subject of pickpocketing. I recommend you open your wallet for this release. What do you mean it's empty...DELIRIUM (88 Films UK) - Another podcast led me down this exploitative road. This time the excellent Video Archives podcast with Tarantino and the Averys. I have watched many of the films featured because of their breathless enthusiasm for their analogue library. I don't really like this film but the transfer is excellent and enables me to explore lost worlds as they were meant to be seen.ENTER THE VOID (Arrow UK) - Like The Swimmer this is a consummate Limited Edition. Another film that is not perfect but this package contains so many excellent features that you can immerse yourself in Noe's mind. I just need a good wash afterwards." - Neil Williams 041b061a72


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