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Final Cut Pro 10.4.8

this update solves the issues users have been reporting regarding apple disc utility not working properly and that the installation process of final cut pro x was failing. it will also fix several stability issues and stability improvements.

Final Cut Pro 10.4.8

paste clip into the timeline. drag & drop clips from finder into the timeline for more flexibility. use the timeline to isolate a clip. preview the clip in real-time and adjust the speed of playback. edit an audio clip in the timeline. add, copy, and move audio clips to the timeline. rotate, adjust volume, mute or unmute audio, and more. edit clips simultaneously in the timeline. adjust the size, scale, and rotate of the timeline. trim, crop, or even remove clips in the timeline. use the timeline to organize clips, quickly find clips, duplicate, or remove clips. the new version of final cut pro x includes apple support communities. post your questions and get answers quickly from other users.

import, edit, grade, and deliver amazingly lifelike images with finalcutpro. shoot on industry-standard cinema cameras, or in stunning dolby vision with the latest iphone models. high-resolution scopes reflect hdr brightness levels as you edit, and tone mapping lets you easily convert hdr to standard dynamic range output for broadcast.

final cut pro x is one among the simplest and most entertaining video editors for mac users. designed with a particularly clear and ergonomic interface, movie pro is both easy and comfy to find out and use. it gives video editors complete control to edit any video and make it more beautiful and interesting. in revolutionary video editing, the magnetic timeline uses advanced metadata for faster and easier than with traditional editing tracks. it enables users to remove unwanted objects from videos, control the color of objects, add attractive and delightful effects and convert video to the specified format to enjoy it at any device. editors can use connections clip to connect additional footage, sound effects and music to the timeline. with the support of group clips editing, now users can organize their media files during a quick and simple way.


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