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Tzanca Uraganu - Regina Mea 2022 ((NEW))

Andrei Velcu made his debut in music under the stage name "Tzancă de la Ploiești". He changed his stage name to "Tzancă Uraganul" after Nicolae Guță called him "the hurricane of music" in Romanian ("uraganul muzicii") in the video for the song "Through water and fire I passed" ("Prin apă și foc am trecut") in 2014. [3]However, Tzancă's success came later, after associating with the producer Nek Music, his songs garnering millions of views on YouTube and other music streaming platforms. Tzancă's musical style was influenced by fiddle, manele of the 1990s and 2000s, but also by trap music.[4] Tzancă reached the first place in the Billboard chart for Romanian music in March 2022 with the song "Take me off the block."[5]

Tzanca Uraganu - Regina mea 2022



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