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Elijah Wood

How To Draw Caricatures Lenn Redman PDF

This is the first of a series of articles I will post here on The MAD Blog about my theories, methods and processes concerning how to draw caricatures.A lot of this information is part of what I teach my theme park artists, so it is derived partly from the approach of doing live, quick-draw caricatures. However all of that can be applied to more studio orientated caricature work and I have also added points and concepts directly from the less time-constrained world of caricature illustration. Therefore this is not instruction for just the live caricaturist but for any artist interested in caricature for any purpose.

how to draw caricatures lenn redman PDF

In teaching all these workshops I have come up with some new concepts and ways to explain the process of seeing and drawing a caricature that I think are worthy of inclusion. To be honest, these workshops have changed the way I approach my caricatures as well as how I teach others. That said, it will be a lot of work to revamp the book because I am not talking about adding a couple of pages of fluff. This would be a rethinking of a number of the fundamentals that would result in a rewriting of substantial sections of the book, as well as the addition of at least 24 (and likely a lot more) pages of expanded material.

I would like to see color thery how do different skin tones different ways to color I can airbrush but have not learn how to color in a caricatures not good with computers but want to learn how to use them and iPad for photo regance,scale I draw large want to learn to draw on copy paper size,I like drawing with no.2 pencil but more about markers lots to dos


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