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It is assumed that each character in a character set has an intrinsic column width independent of any output device. Eachprintable character in the portable character set has a column width of one. The standard utilities, when used as described inPOSIX.1-2017, assume that all characters have integral column widths. The column width of a character is not necessarily related tothe internal representation of the character (numbers of bits or bytes).

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A string that is used to identify a user; see also User Database. To be portable across systemsconforming to POSIX.1-2017, the value is composed of characters from the portable filename character set. The character should not be used as the first character of a portable user name.

The concept of SQL Server Synonyms was introduced the first time in SQL Server 2005 as an alias name that references an existing database object, replacing its fully qualified name. In this way, it makes the database object more portable and provides more flexibility for the clients to reach and maintain it. You can imagine Synonyms as a layer of abstraction that provides us with an easy way to connect to and manage the database objects without the need to identify the real name and location for these objects. 350c69d7ab


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