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Tone Empire LVL-01 [WiN]

The plugin does exactly what its analog big brother does. It may even offer some benefits over the original: The differences with tubes in the analog domain is they can go out, need plenty of up-keeping, and also sometimes have variable tone or sound depending on their age and design; so most units sound different due to this.

Tone Empire LVL-01 [WiN]

I almost had to leave this one off this particular list because of just how flexible it is. It borders on being a tone shaper that goes beyond just saturation. The capabilities here may be overkill at times, but it is first and foremost a saturator, and when it comes to delivering tube distortion, this plugin can get the job done nicely.

Bear in mind that it is not quite possible or sensible to try and match settings or exact amounts of saturation, so I tried instead to go for tones that showed off the general vibe of each plugin when pushed to varying degrees.

For such a cost effective plugin, you have so much control over tube types and tones. But in addition to providing a warming tube tone, it includes a few other flavors of saturation: Digi, Fuzz and Desk.

Just choose the types and amounts of modules and fx you want to stack inside the flux engine, and get to work. With this one, you can pull off nearly any old vintage color or tone with a very 21st century GUI and workflow.

GOLDMAN: It does. Goodell said all along no one at the NFL saw the video of Rice throwing the punch before "TMZ" released the tape on September 8. Now, many doubted that and said, how can an empire like the NFL with top-notch security not get a hold of the tape? But Mueller says his investigation, which included more than 200 interviews, plowing through millions of documents and emails, yielded no evidence that Goodell or anyone at the NFL saw it.

GOLDMAN: Yes. Exactly. Yeah, and Jones says he didn't know Christie during the bidding process from 2011 to 2013, although Christie has said the two became friends over the past five years. This story has made the hug seem a tad suspicious. Maybe they'll tone it down tomorrow in Green Bay, where Christie will be for the big showdown with Cowboys.

Natural light sources, like the sun and moon, glimmer on pools of water collecting in muddy train tracks, creating natural material-based lighting effects on the surrounding mud. Bloom effects astound you upon every walk into and out of a brightly lit exterior, which proves doubly impressive when a scene's lighting changes tone to match your central focus. Giant towns are filled with diverse, era-appropriate buildings, including massive, cobblestone windmills and towering churches. Convincing trees, shrubbery, and foliage decorate the game's enormous, craggy mountains. Water, rust, and explosion effects linger on the side of a tank you pilot into intense battle. Tremendous wave effects crash into my rusty boat as it pulled up to a convincing beachhead. Sand particles flitter in the wind across the desert dunes of the game's Ottoman Empire levels.

It is an ancient truism that democracy more than oligarchy is amenable to tyrants. This was echoed by Machiavelli when he advised ambitious men to side with the people rather than with the great. This affinity between democracy and tyranny is also manifest in the paradox of Thomas Hobbes, that advocate for the absolute authority of kings who nevertheless began from principles so liberal in character that it is not a stretch to call him the father of liberalism. To dismiss Tocqueville’s forebodings of democratic despotism as an aristocrat’s conflation of non-democratic governments with democracy is a mere semantic quibble over what forms of social organization to call democracy, not a substantive confrontation with what results when it is the people who set the tone for the entire society (cf. the treatment of Tocqueville in Losurdo 2004).

Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat, baron de La Brède et de. 1757. Translated by Anne M. Cohler, Basia C. Miller, and Harold Stone. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1989. Page references are to the 1989 edition. 041b061a72


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