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Armando - Here We Go

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. --- The door remained closed to North Carolina's locker room for 37 minutes before sports information director Steve Kirschner and athletic director Bubba Cunningham emerged. Minutes later UNC senior big man Armando Bacot met with an entire hoard of media for just under six minutes. He spoke honestly and from the heart about changes that needed to made following Carolina's embarrassing 92-85 loss to Wake Forest, a game where UNC trailed by as many as 26 in the second half.

Armando - Here We Go

"Because, I mean, to go to a university like this and just have no pride. I mean, I'm not perfect either. But I love this university and to just go out there and put together that performance is inexcusable."

"Yeah, I don't know. That's what I don't get because we had some good days of practice. And I mean, I thought like, it was no question, I thought we will come in this game and win, and then we get out there and it's just like, not communicating. All of us aren't communicating. And I feel like we are worried about ourselves. And it's just discouraging, because like, I want to win. That's why I came back. I want to win and the coaches want to win..."

"No, I'm not surprised. Because I mean, it's happened more than twice this year. So it's our reality, but the thing about it is now is our backs are against the wall. So like I told everybody, like, people who want to play be here on Thursday, if not just go."

"Same thing. I mean, he just wants guys to play with his personality. I mean, you look at our coaching staff, we got Coach Davis, had a great career here. Coach May, everybody. I mean, the passion is there. We've got the talent to do it. Me, Caleb, RJ, and Leaky, like we came back for a reason. And this isn't it. And I mean, it starts with us four. Pete wasn't here last year to play with us. So he doesn't fully know. We've got a lot of freshmen and obviously our bench guys, they don't have as much experience.

"Yeah, I mean, for me, it's just a sense of desperation. Like, I want to win and I want to be able to experience those things. Like I'm not sitting here saying I'm perfect either, because I do mess up too. But I want to win. And that's all I care about. That's all I want to do."

"Yeah, I mean, it was just desperation. Like, in practice this week, like D'Marco (Dunn), he is on the second team. He damn near couldn't get the ball to the three-point line because we were playing such good defense and heating them up. I don't know, I was talking to Coach Sully (Pat Sullivan), like we do so great in practice, and it just doesn't translate. Coach is saying there is just a block or something that is just stopping us from getting to that next level. And I don't know what it is and I'm trying to figure it out. But it's a block because we do everything right in practice. We've got the talent, but just translating it is hard."

"We came here last year and the same thing happened and that wasn't my plan. I didn't want to come here to lose. I wanted to come here and win. Just specifically because of how it went down here last year and just to lose to that team. I mean they are a good team, but we have too much talent and way too many horses to not go out there and win."

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Acting Secretary of Homeland Security McAleenan. Thank you, Mr. President. And thank you, President Bukele. It's been a tremendous partnership in the first hundred days you've had in office, with all of your team: Minister Hill, Minister Rivas, your Security Minister. And I really see the advances that you're making on ending forced migration. It's very productive for the region, and we'll be there alongside supporting you. Thank you.

President Trump. And there won't be catch-and-release. We're not releasing anybody into the country. And especially, we focus on the bad ones, but the bad ones get taken out. We're removing them from our country. We're moving them fast. And they are the ones that go first. You might want to discuss that a little bit.

ARMANDO: The work here is in the field, cutting sugar cane, planting corn, cleaning. I was building houses there, roofing as they call it. It is more dangerous because one is on the top of the house. But I can't say it's too difficult.

ARMANDO: It's been about five years since there were a lot of us here in the field. Approximately four years ago, everyone migrated. Thank God, the village has changed more. As I said before, you can make ends meet with the money you earn in the United States for home repair. There you live better than here in Mexico.

ZACARÍAS: They are very sad and sometimes they cry. But that's the fate we have here in Mexico when we have to go to the United States. We go there because we are looking for something better for our families.

BENITA: Yes. Quite a problem. How could it not be? On the one hand, it's good for them because their going away brings more income into the families. But they aren't going to live their whole lives there. If they don't have a degree, nothing is certain. They go there for a bit and come back. They spend what they made and everything stays the same. And if they had been studying, it's something that they'll...

There's a great East End thug sketch where he comes and threatens your washing machine, then threatens your kettle, and there's a little bit where you can see you in the background starting to break.Well, there's a lot of that going on: fortunately the camera is on him at that time. We're in this tiny house, and I can remember the crew just laughing because they're all just thinking, 'What the hell is this?' And he [actor Alan Ford] is such a lovely guy, but he's such a big presence when he gets going, and we're in this tiny room, and he was shouting at a washing machine.

Exactly, with his soft little voice. Hugh is about the closest it gets in the show to a regular character. I suppose the other two closest approximations would be the barber and the East End thug.Yeah. There were a few others that we felt we enjoyed in one thing and thought, 'We must bring them back,' like the guy Tony Gardner plays who comes up with an idea and just goes down to the room and just sits there. And we thought, 'He's just got to keep coming back in different situations, and he suggests something and it's just shot down.'

There are a few people who I've struck up conversations with about the show, and there are always certain sketches that seem really iconic to a few people. My personal favourite is "The Great Adult".

A total of 80 teams (mix of individual participants and teams) participated in the 2020 MikesBikes World Champs Competition, representing 28 universities around the globe, here is the full list. Three LSB teams made it to the championship and one team made it to the finals and placed 5th! Congratulations!

Lightning McBikes (Armando Abarca '24 and Sean Lin '24) advanced to the final round and placed 5th in the 2020 MikesBikes World Champs Competition! Here is the link to the final results. Matthew Habermann '22, the lead TA for the MikesBikes at LSB, commented on the team's accomplishment: "The worldwide competition is far more difficult than anything done in class, with so many teams competing around the world there are many more factors you have to take into account when planning each decision. It's truly astonishing how well they did. Armando and Sean should be very proud."

Sean: MikesBikes was a great way for us to apply some of the concepts we learned in BUSN 70 to a more hands-on way of learning. For example, we were able to see in a more realistic manner how the product cycle worked. I learned that there are just so many different variables to running a business and that all aspects of running it are crucial to a thriving company. One key take-away for running my own company in the future is that it is a good idea to make sure that I will not over hire or over expand my company. It is typically better to not hire someone in the first place than to hire and then fire someone because it takes a toll on worker morale and will inadvertently hurt the company (especially if it is done on a large scale). Similarly, it is easier to not buy a plant in the first place or to not expand into a market if you do not have the production capabilities than to have to sell a plant or suffer the consequences of lost sales and unhappy customers. Overall, MikesBikes helped me confirm that I have an interest in pursuing a degree in business.

Sean: The most challenging part of the competition was being able to predict what the other teams were going to do. Although we spent 3-5 hours every rollover running through calculations, conducting extensive research through reading the manual to understand the effects of our every decision, and referencing the single-player mode to ensure that we were making the right decisions, there were still elements that we could not control. For example, all the teams started with the same bike, but we were allowed to expand into other segments of the market. There was a variety to choose from: leisure bike, adventure bike, kids bike, racer bike, and commuter bike. We had to predict what segments the other teams would enter and account for it in our production. Unfortunately, we were extremely wrong with our first market expansion and it inevitably hurt our profitability down the road. Although this was extremely frustrating to us and affected the outcome of our performance, it was a necessary component of the simulation, as there are often unpredictable factors in business. 041b061a72


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