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Cheapest Place To Buy Land In Texas

A recent report listed the "cheapest" places to buy land including both single-acre and five-acre plots. Texas is listed as one of the cheapest places to buy land within the one- and five-acre categories.

cheapest place to buy land in texas

A recent report from Compass Land USA listed the "cheapest" places to buy land including both single-acre and five-acre plots. Texas is listed as one of the cheapest places to buy land within both the one- and five-acre categories. One West Texas county was listed as the most affordable area to buy five acres.

Within the five acre category, the other cheapest places to buy land include Costilla County, Col. ($2,495), Valencia County, N.M. ($2,900), San Miguel County, N.M. ($3,500), Lake County, Ore. ($3,500), Mohave County, Ariz. ($3,500), Cochise County, Ariz. ($3,600), Socorro County, N.M. ($3,999), Kern County, Calif. ($4,995) and Apache County, Ariz. ($4,999).

For people looking to purchase one acre, the list of cheapest places to buy land include Valencia County, N.M. ($799), Apache County, Ariz. ($1,225), Jasper County, Miss. ($1,251), Navajo County, Ariz. ($1,400), Luna County, N.M.($1,450), Mohave County, Ariz. ($1,499), Cochise County, Ariz. ($1,595), Polk County, Fla. ($1,599) and Torrance County, N.M. ($1,750).

Conroe, Texas, 40 miles north of Houston, is called the "ideal combination of starry nights and metropolitan lights." Conroe is a major city in the Woodlands and Sugar Land metro with many outdoor play and recreation places and breweries.

If you're considering buying land for sale in Texas, you might wonder how to find your ideal lot. To help you find the right place in the Lone Star State, we've compiled answers to questions you might have below.

At least compared to some other states, land in Texas comes with a moderate price tag. Average prices can top more than $8,000/acre in states like California, Iowa, and Illinois. This year has also seen record land prices in places like Iowa, where sales have sometimes topped $25,000 per acre.

The experts at FindTheHome used county public records to look at the sales of vacant lots since the beginning of 2014. Using this data, they averaged the lot size, sale price, and price per square foot of every vacant lot transaction in each county and found the counties with the cheapest land in each state.

This might not come as a surprise, but you can find some of the cheapest vacant land in the country in Texas. Within Texas, Wilbarger County was the cheapest county in which one could buy a vacant lot since 2014. The average vacant lot size spanned 9,268,435 square feet, and the average sale amount for all lots was $345,105. If this sounds steep for an undeveloped property, consider that each lot sold for an average of just 4.4 cents per square foot.

You can find land at an affordable price in many different places across the US. Depending on whether you choose to buy land in large cities or small rural towns, prices vary greatly depending on location. However, there are some areas that offer potential buyers a great opportunity to purchase vacant land at an affordable rate.

Arizona is known for its wide-open spaces and stunning natural beauty, making it one of the most popular places in the US for buying land. Best known for its perpetually sunny weather and, of course, the Grand Canyon national park, Arizona offers some of the cheapest lands in the US.

The Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge is a wildlife sanctuary that features a wide variety of habitats. These include grasslands, wetlands, riparian areas, and mountains. The cheapest land in this New Mexico gem can be found in the western parts of the refuge. The cost there goes as low as $200 per acre. The parcels are generally located near riparian areas and range in size from 0.25 to 4 acres. They are perfect for those looking to build a dream home in a unique and peaceful setting and offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Idaho is home to some of the cheapest land in the US, with prices averaging around $2,700 per acre. Various landscapes and ecosystems are available throughout Idaho, ranging from snow-capped mountains to sweeping valleys and rolling hills.

Discount Lots is the perfect place to start your search for cheap land, offering unbeatable prices on rural and urban properties. We give you unparalleled access to the cheapest prices on land, all while streamlining the process with our advanced search technology. performed a study that took a look at the median prices per acre in 2021 and found that Arizona had the cheapest median cost per acre, at $4,164. The data includes the price of land with existing homes and the cost of land designated as a homesite were also included so that you can have some comparison.

Amarillo wins first place on our ranking of cheapest cities. Yet there is no compromise on recreation and facilities. Amarillo is the gateway to the famous Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Schools, athletic facilities, golf courses, a zoo, fire and police departments, etc. are available. General, as well as surgical hospitals, are also accessible.

This way you optimize land usage, make money and hold the land to benefit from appreciation in value. There are several ways you can use recreational land. You can develop it into a weekend getaway spot, your new favorite fishing location, a community garden, outdoor family retreat, even a place for camping, hiking, riding ATVs, and much more.

Now that you are familiar with all the different types of land, its time we go over location. A few places are worth considering due to their anticipated price hike. Here are some recommended best places to find affordable land for sale in the USA in 2023. The places listed are based on analyzed trends from across the US.

Vickie , I am a native Texan and have lived in a few different places here. If you are still of working age and want opportunities for that I would highly recommend either The Woodlands or Conroe , Texas ( which is very close to The woodlands. These places are rapidly growing and have everything you need or could want . We are far enough away from Houston to be a lot safer and offer many good career opportunities. Conroe is even further away from Houston but very much accessible to The Woodlands , like 15 min. Ideally living in Conroe and working in The Woodlands would be great!

I agree with Conroe. It also has a huge lake, lots of restaurants on the lake or elswhere for dining in or out when the weather is appropriate. Rolling terrain in Conroe. Great shopping, grocery stores, churches, live plays, musicals and concerts in Conroe and The Woodlands, etc. Lofts, apartments, townhouses, small, medium and huge houses, 55+ communities. Medical centers in both cities. Everything is convenient! It can get hot and humid, but every place has cold A/C. Winters are usually mild.

The Republic of Texas made many headright grants, that is, grants given on the condition that specified requirements be met by the grantees. Under the Constitution of 1836 all heads of families living in Texas on March 4, 1836, except Africans and Indians, were granted "first class" headrights of one league and one labor (4,605.5 acres), and single men aged seventeen years or older, one-third of a league (1,476.1 acres). By later laws "second class" headrights of 1,280 acres to heads of families and 640 acres to single men were granted to those who immigrated to Texas after the Texas Declaration of Independence and before October 1, 1837, and who remained in the republic for three years and performed the duties of citizenship. "Third class" headrights of 640 acres for heads of families and 320 acres for single men went to recipients who immigrated to Texas after October 1, 1837, and before January 1, 1840. In 1841 "fourth class" headright certificates of 640 acres for family heads and 320 acres for single men were granted conditionally to residents who immigrated to Texas between January 1, 1840, and January 1, 1842. A total of 36,876,492 acres was granted by the republic in headright certificates. In order to attract settlers, the Republic of Texas also made colonization contracts with various individuals to establish colonies in the republic and receive payment in land. In addition to large grants made directly to the contractors, settlers in such colonies were granted 640 acres each, if heads of families, or 320 acres, if single. Land grants made under colonization contracts amounted to 4,494,806 acres. As a further inducement to settlers, in 1845 the Congress of the republic passed the first Pre-emption Act, which gave to persons who had previously settled upon and improved vacant public lands, or who might thereafter settle upon and improve them, the right to purchase (pre-empt) up to 320 acres. Pre-emptors, or homesteaders, were required to cover their locations with valid certificates within three years. Under the state government this period was extended to January 1, 1854. By an act of 1853 homestead grants of not more than 320 acres were made available to those who had settled under the Pre-emption Act. This act was replaced by the Homestead Act of 1854, which reduced homestead grants to 160 acres and required a residence of three years. The policy of homestead grants was continued under acts of 1866 and 1870 and under the Constitution of 1876. The amount of land disposed of under the pre-emption and homestead laws of Texas is recorded at 4,847,136 acres.

In order to establish an urban business homestead the head of the family must actually have a business, the land must be reasonably adapted and necessary to that business, and the property must actually be used as the place to conduct the business. As you can imagine, these kinds of determinations may depend heavily on the facts of each individual case. 041b061a72


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