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Axel Hall
Axel Hall

Subtitle The.Martha.Mitchell.Effect.2022.ALL.WE...

The film must run daily for seven days, open to the public for paid admission, and must be advertised in one of the city's major circulars during its run, with screening times included. Additionally, the film must be shown at least once during every day of its qualifying run. Unlike the Best Documentary Feature award, whose rules mandate at least one screening starting between noon and 10 pm local time on each day of the qualifying run, there is no restriction on the start time of any screening. The film must have narration or dialogue primarily in English or with English subtitles, and must be the whole of an original work. Partial edits from larger works and episodes from serialized films are not eligible.[2][3]

subtitle The.Martha.Mitchell.Effect.2022.ALL.WE...



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