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PowerBasic For Windows V10.03

When Bob Zale died, PBWin11 and PBCC7 were in beta testing, and 64-bit compilers and PB/Pro (PBWin and CC in one compiler) were in the alpha stages. However, development of PowerBASIC products has stopped. No new version has been released since v10.03 (11 years ago as of May 2022). No 64-bit version or beta release has been announced. No development activity has been reported. No corrections (such as adding the correct DPI settings for the IDE) have been released. PowerBASIC Tools LLC still sells new licenses for the 32-bit Windows compilers.

PowerBasic For Windows V10.03


GRAPHIC WINDOWS are dedicated dialogs each containing a single control which fills the dialog's client area. GRAPHIC controls are child windows which support the same GRAPHIC drawing functionality as GRAPHIC windows. GRAPHIC BITMAPS are also defined, again supporting the GRAPHIC drawing functionality, but as purely memory objects, like Windows bitmaps or DIB sections. Keyboard and mouse handling statements are included among the GRAPHIC statements. Character output to a GRAPHIC target uses fonts specified via the FONT NEW statement.

Actualizado a martes 9 de enero de 2018. 7:11:Todos los interesados en las versiones gratuitas de Powerbasic, como podéis leer en la actualización de febrero de 2017, Drake Software (ahora Drake Enterprises), está realizando unos cambios organizativos importantes, y que entre otras cosas nos han traído la nueva web de

Click on below button to start PowerBasic Compiler for Windows Free Download. This is complete offline installer and standalone setup for PowerBasic Compiler for Windows. This would be compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit windows.

I'm just trying to figure out how to send commands to it for printign. In windows it basically prints the commands, AI was hoping that on a mac the commands could be dumped and performed by the printer


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