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[S12E1] Identity Crisis

But the road to this happy ending wasn't always smooth, as Brennan's head injury affected her ability to do her job and gave her a serious identity crisis. Showrunner Michael Peterson, who wrote the episode with co-showrunner Jonathan Collier and executive producer Karine Rosenthal, talked to EW about wrapping up Brennan's story, crafting the end of the show's ongoing 4:47 mystery, and which member of the team might not be long for the Jeffersonian. (Head here for star Emily Deschanel's thoughts on Bones' final hour.)

[S12E1] Identity Crisis

The FBI folks meanwhile are attempting to profile the Puppeteer killer. Karen Delfs is mysteriously back from Kansas, and thinks that they might be dealing with dissociative identity disorder (DID) in which one personality kills the victims and the other wants to be found out. She thinks Zack is the most likely candidate, suffering from it after his self-inflicted head wound, but also points out that the psychologist Dr. Faulk could have done it. Booth and Brennan confront Faulk, who is creepy AF but doesn't seem to have done it. Still, he makes Booth and Brennan think that maybe Delfs isn't telling the whole truth about her leaving Kansas. 041b061a72


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