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Axel Hall
Axel Hall

CRACK Napigator 1.14

The Tap-A-Crack concept seeks to address all the issues that affect the cooperation of relevant components in the real world. The next generation of Tap-A-Crack will use multimodal sensors based on gyroscopes, accelerometers and ultrasound to gather information about the presence of cracks in real time, using techniques and algorithms that have been applied for decades in automotive and aerospace. The next generation will be developed using the Active Motion Platform and its fusion of sensing technologies, allowing the continuous tracking of the surface in the field, collecting data on the real time presence of cracks and disposing of the technical issues that have limited the development of Tap-A-Crack up to now.

CRACK Napigator 1.14

Development of the sensor has as a prime goal to collect relevant data so that they can be used for detection and monitoring of the crack with I/O integrated and autonomous, i.e. you don't need to transmit data via a wireless communication protocol, with radio transmission, hence not subject to licensing and/or location restrictions, as the sensor will be autonomous and reliable.

Adaptive environment perception can be used for detecting the crack in different types of terrain. The set of sensors is located close to the spot where cracks are to be detected. It has an integrated system of cameras and ultrasonic sensors which collects data to determine the presence of the crack in real time.

A sensor for crack detection in real time and at a low cost using techniques, algorithms and hardware that have been developed for decades in the automotive and aerospace sectors. The sensor's innovation, the new and unique front-end processing subsystem and the strategy for crack detection have been developed to solve the issues that have limited the development of Tap-A-Crack up to now.


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