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Malayalam Sex Education Pdf In Malayalam Language

In recent decades, female education in Africa has made great (though uneven) progress. On the one hand, the level of development of women's education between countries and countries in this region is still significantly different due to differences in geographical location, social class, language and ethnicity. On the other hand, compared with the rest of the world, Africa, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, still lags behind in the field of women's education.[41]

Malayalam Sex Education Pdf In Malayalam Language

Much education was channelled through religious establishments. Not all of these educated women only for marriage and motherhood; for example, Quaker views on women had allowed much equality from the foundation of the denomination in the mid-17th century. The abolitionist William Allen and his wife Grizell Hoare set up the Newington Academy for Girls in 1824, teaching an unusually wide range of subjects from languages to sciences.

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, private schools for girls were established in Finland; among the better known were those of Christina Krook, Anna Salmberg and Sara Wacklin, preferred by those who did not wish to send their daughters to schools in Sweden. The private girls' schools were, however, criticized for shallow education of accomplishments, which resulted in girls' education being included in the school reform of 1843. The following year, two Swedish-language state schools for girls was founded in Turku and Helsinki: Svenska fruntimmersskolan i Åbo and Svenska fruntimmersskolan i Helsingfors.[135] This led to the establishment of a net of girls' schools of a similar kind in Finland. At first these schools were reserved for girls from upper-class families.


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