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Secretly Greatly Korean Movie Eng Sub 25

it's not often that a movie titled the black godfather gets a good movie review, but the black godfather is a fun crime comedy about the rise of an italian mobster in new york. it follows mario "the godfather" gambino (al pacino), who is asked to move to new york by his brother donnie brasco (john cazale), who is in prison for selling the fbi on mobster johnny casparone (joe pesci). it's a heist movie, which means it's pretty fun, and it's full of great characters like aldo the butler and frank pentangeli, who is actually a cop trying to turn. the coens also inject a bit of political commentary into the film as the mobster-turned-politician tries to run for mayor of new york city. it's a comedy crime movie that is a blast to watch and perfectly timed to celebrate the life of giancana.

Secretly Greatly Korean Movie Eng Sub 25

let me introduce you to one of the best mom-and-daughter in south korean cinema. cloy, which is written with the letters of the korean alphabet, is the most acclaimed home-grown drama of 2019. it deals with the bond between a mother and a daughter and the effects of growing up in south korea, where daughters are expected to be virtuous and obedient. the show follows the journey of a young woman and her mother, who struggles to balance her career and her relationship with her daughter. the 22-episode drama, originally aired on jtbc last october, delivered a nostalgic and heartfelt message about motherhood, showing the good and the bad of being a mother.

in 1992, a revolution broke out in seoul. the 1990s were not good for those in power. the oppressive government fought against the rebels. the country went through economic crisis. however, the people of south korea rose up to bring about change. a drama that depicts the story of the revolution, a good day to die hard told the story of three people, the leader of the uprising, kwon tak (shin dong-yup), the politician who was working for the regime, ahn chul (park chan-wook) and the leader of the government, kim jong-pil (jung woo). the series starred famous south korean actors including shin dong-yup, jung woo, park chan-wook and kim yoon-seok, all of whom delivered outstanding performances.


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