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How to Make Your Own ASMR Song with Simple Tools

What is ASMR Song and Why You Should Listen to It

If you are looking for a new way to relax and unwind, you might want to try listening to ASMR song. ASMR song is a type of music that incorporates ASMR triggers, such as whispering, tapping, scratching, or crinkling, to create a relaxing and tingling sensation in the listener. But what exactly is ASMR and how does it work? And where can you find or make your own ASMR song? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.

asmr song


How ASMR Song Works

The Science Behind ASMR

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is a subjective experience of low-grade euphoria characterized by a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin. The tingling sensation usually starts at the scalp and spreads down the neck and spine, sometimes reaching other parts of the body. It can be triggered by various stimuli, such as sounds, visuals, touch, or thoughts.

The exact cause and mechanism of ASMR are not fully understood by science yet. However, some studies have suggested that ASMR may be related to the release of certain neurotransmitters and hormones in the brain and body. These include endorphins (natural painkillers), oxytocin (the love hormone), dopamine (the reward hormone), and serotonin (the mood hormone). These chemicals can help regulate emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate, improve blood flow and digestion, and induce sleep.

The Types of ASMR Triggers

There are many different types of ASMR triggers that can elicit the tingling sensation in different people. Some people may be more sensitive to certain triggers than others. Some people may not experience ASMR at all. The types of triggers can be categorized into four main groups:

  • Auditory triggers: These are sounds that can stimulate the ears and brain. They include whispering, soft speaking, mouth sounds (such as chewing or kissing), tapping (such as on glass or wood), scratching (such as on fabric or paper), crinkling (such as with plastic or foil), brushing (such as with hair or paint), water sounds (such as dripping or splashing), and ambient sounds (such as rain or wind).

  • Visual triggers: These are images or movements that can stimulate the eyes and brain. They include eye contact, personal attention (such as a haircut or a massage), hand movements (such as tracing or waving), role-playing (such as a doctor or a teacher), and objects (such as slime or bubbles).

  • Tactile triggers: These are sensations that can stimulate the skin and nerves. They include touch (such as tickling or stroking), pressure (such as hugging or squeezing), temperature (such as hot or cold), and texture (such as smooth or rough).

  • Cognitive triggers: These are thoughts or emotions that can stimulate the mind and heart. They include nostalgia, gratitude, admiration, curiosity, and relaxation.

The Characteristics of ASMR Song

ASMR song is a type of music that incorporates ASMR triggers into its composition and production. It is usually designed to create a soothing and immersive atmosphere for the listener. Some of the common characteristics of ASMR song are:

  • Soft vocals: The singers often use a low volume and a gentle tone to deliver the lyrics. They may also whisper, hum, or breathe softly to create more ASMR effects.

  • Ambient sounds: The background music often features natural or artificial sounds that can enhance the mood and theme of the song. They may include rain, ocean, fire, birds, bells, piano, guitar, or synthesizer.

  • Binaural beats: The sound waves are often manipulated to create a stereo effect that can stimulate both ears and hemispheres of the brain. They may induce different states of consciousness, such as relaxation, meditation, or sleep.

  • Looping patterns: The melodies and rhythms are often repeated or varied in a predictable way to create a sense of familiarity and comfort for the listener. They may also help the listener focus on the present moment and forget about their worries.

How to Enjoy ASMR Song

The Best Ways to Listen to ASMR Song

To get the most out of ASMR song, you need to prepare yourself and your environment for the optimal listening experience. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Use headphones: Headphones can help you block out any external noise and distractions. They can also deliver the sound quality and binaural effects better than speakers.

  • Find a comfortable position: Whether you are sitting, lying down, or standing, make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. You can also use pillows, blankets, or cushions to support your body.

  • Set a timer: Depending on your purpose and preference, you can choose how long you want to listen to ASMR song. You can set a timer to remind you when to stop or switch songs.

The Best Sources of ASMR Song

There are many platforms and channels where you can find or create your own ASMR song. Some of them are:

  • YouTube: YouTube is one of the most popular and diverse sources of ASMR song. You can find many ASMR artists who upload their original or cover songs with ASMR elements. You can also use YouTube's search function or playlists to find songs by genre, mood, trigger, or artist.

  • Spotify: Spotify is one of the most popular and convenient sources of ASMR song. You can access millions of songs from various artists and genres with just a click. You can also use Spotify's algorithms or recommendations to discover new songs that suit your taste.

  • SoundCloud: SoundCloud is one of the most creative and interactive sources of ASMR song. You can upload your own songs or remixes with ASMR elements. You can also listen to other users' songs and leave comments or feedback.

  • Audacity: Audacity is one of the most powerful and versatile sources of ASMR song. You can record your own voice or sounds with a microphone. You can also edit, mix, and add effects to your audio files with various tools and features.

The Best Examples of ASMR Song

To give you some inspiration and examples of ASMR song, here are some popular or interesting songs or artists from different genres or styles:

ASMR song lyrics

ASMR song cover

ASMR song reaction

ASMR song challenge

ASMR song parody

ASMR song playlist

ASMR song sleep

ASMR song meditation

ASMR song binaural

ASMR song 3D audio

ASMR song whisper

ASMR song tapping

ASMR song scratching

ASMR song brushing

ASMR song slime

ASMR song eating

ASMR song roleplay

ASMR song rap

ASMR song pop

ASMR song rock

ASMR song metal

ASMR song jazz

ASMR song classical

ASMR song piano

ASMR song guitar

ASMR song ukulele

ASMR song violin

ASMR song flute

ASMR song harp

ASMR song saxophone

ASMR song lofi

ASMR song ambient

ASMR song chillhop

ASMR song synthwave

ASMR song kpop

ASMR song anime

ASMR song disney

ASMR song musicals

ASMR song christmas

ASMR song halloween

  • 21 Savage: 21 Savage is a rapper who is known for his whisper rap style. He often uses a low voice and a monotone delivery to create a contrast with his violent and explicit lyrics. Some of his songs that feature whisper rap are "A Lot", "Bank Account", and "Don't Come Out The House".

  • <li ZaeHD: ZaeHD is a producer who is known for his ASMR beats. He often uses sounds such as water, scissors, or coins to create a rhythmic and relaxing background for his rap songs. Some of his songs that feature ASMR beats are "Cookie Shop", "Humid", and "ASMR".

  • Symphony: Symphony is a singer who is known for her ASMR covers. She often uses a soft voice and a close-up microphone to sing popular songs with ASMR elements. Some of her songs that feature ASMR covers are "Bad Guy", "Havana", and "Shape of You".

  • Opera: Opera is a genre of music that is known for its powerful and expressive vocals. However, some opera singers have also experimented with ASMR elements to create a more intimate and soothing effect. Some of the songs that feature ASMR opera are "O Mio Babbino Caro", "Nessun Dorma", and "The Magic Flute".


ASMR song is a type of music that can provide you with a relaxing and tingling sensation. It works by stimulating your brain and body with various triggers, such as sounds, visuals, touch, or thoughts. It can also help you reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood and sleep, and enhance your well-being. To enjoy ASMR song, you need to use headphones, find a comfortable position, and set a timer. You can also find or create your own ASMR song on various platforms or channels, such as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or Audacity. You can also explore different genres or styles of ASMR song, such as rap, beats, covers, or opera.

If you are curious about ASMR song or want to try it out, we hope this article has given you some useful information and tips. Remember, ASMR song is not for everyone, and you may have different preferences or reactions to different triggers or songs. The best way to find out what works for you is to experiment and have fun. So why not give ASMR song a chance and see how it makes you feel?


Here are some frequently asked questions about ASMR song:

Q: Is ASMR song safe?A: Yes, ASMR song is generally safe and harmless. However, some people may experience some side effects, such as headaches, drowsiness, or nausea. If you feel any discomfort or pain while listening to ASMR song, you should


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