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Bleach Episode 134

The episode begins with the introduction of showing the dark nature of humanity - despair and malice. The Miniature Rose was very poisonous and was superior to those toxins. Those who were able to survive the explosion were the unfortunate ones as the poison degrades the organs and continues to emit new poison until the very end the victim dies. The bomb was a demonic weapon more inhumane than any other.

Bleach Episode 134

Shaiapouf realizes Meruem values Komugi more than he feared and asks for the punishment for his actions. But Meruem refuse by stating that "they are one now" and orders him to continue to search for Neferpitou and release the two captured intruders after getting the information. Meruem thanks Welfin for helping him to remember something very important and tells Welfin he's free to go wherever he wishes to. Welfin tells that they're (Palm and Ikalgo) waiting in Bizeff's private courtyard, in Area D and began to scream all over against the King. Meruem responds to that and wishes Welfin for a good human life. The episode ends with Meruem walking away and leaving Shaiapouf in total shred of tears.

Consider this Click Pick just a friendly reminder that Shin-chan is still airing, and, perhaps surprisingly, still funny! It has its ups and downs, sure, but (at the risk of starting some ridiculous internet cartoon-war) it provides me with a much more solid joke-to-laugh quotient than any of the recent Family Guy episodes I've seen. Sadly the South Park guys haven't decided that Shin-chan is a blight upon society like Family Guy apparently is, so it really needs all the extra exposure it can get!

Oh, an episode title based upon the name of a Beatles song. How original. So original, in fact, that my initial response to it was the incredibly passe, sarcastic use of "how original." Circles and layers of originality! Anyway, this week! Shun leaves his group of Bakugan friends for various, unspecified reasons. Drama ensues.

Hey! Guys! Read Protoculture Addicts magazine! And now, a tenuous link: "Protoculture" just so happens to feature quite prominently in these four episodes of Robotech, airing this Saturday on SPACE in Canada!

You guys've been watching Black Lagoon, right? Because it's over this week. No new premier episodes. Not available on DVD. Yet, anyway. So, watch as Rock continues to convince his cohorts aboard the Black Lagoon to stop the nefarious Washimine Group's stranglehold over the criminal element in Japan.

Recap episode time! Feel free to make yourself a nice sandwich or two, or three if possible and have it express-shipped over to me. Or you can watch, I guess, if you feel like you need a refresher course on all the craziness during the Soul Society story arc.

For those of you who may be worried that Naruto actually dies in episode 165, please slap yourself briskly and justly across the face. For everyone else: Naruto and the others learns of the "ghost"'s true identity in America, and Naruto and Sasuke's Brawl to End Them All, er, ends in Canada.

I am totally going out to watch Speed Racer as soon as I'm done writing this thing, and I will enjoy it. Anyway, on this episode of Guy With Magic Camera That Kills Things, Saiga falls into the enemy's clutches after barely surviving his latest kerfluffle. 041b061a72


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