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Buy Hair Comb

Our sleek and stylish folding comb designed for combing all types of beards, hair and mustache on the go, wherever you go. Helps with the maintenance of taming, detangling and keeping it looking clean at all times.

buy hair comb

What can I say... the AMOUR Swarovski Bridal Hair Comb is not just a beauty online but in person it surpassed all my expectations. The crystals are gorgeous and the comb is of really great quality. I did a trial of my wedding hairstyle and it fit nice a snuggly and I don't have to worry about it falling out. I was also very impressed with the packaging. I could tell that it was packaged with care and I love the box it came in (I definitely plan on repurposing in the future). Thank you Ellee Couture Boutique, I look forward to tagging you in pictures on wedding day :-)

The VERA wedding headpiece is gorgeous and brilliant. This stunning and dainty wedding headpiece is known to be versatile because it can be styled as Wings on both sides, on one side, or even in the back of a high or low bun to have a fabulous look. It is elegant because of its radiance and dazzling crystals. It will make a bride feel beautiful on her wedding day. It is a gorgeous hairclip that can be used for any occasion.

The comb is one of the oldest hair tools that proves hair combing continues to exist from ancient times. The only difference is earlier people used to make combs out of wood and several natural elements however, now they come in various types, shapes, and materials, serving the different purposes of hairstyling.

Here at VEGA, we take the online shopping experience for combs to the next level by providing you with a wide variety of options so that you can choose the perfect one for your hair no matter the thickness or texture. Flaunt your Befikar self, by styling with the wide variety of VEGA hair combs.

You may choose from Cellulose Acetate Combs, Handcrafted Wooden Combs, Aluminium Combs, and Regular Combs from our extensive selection of VEGA Hair Combs. These combs are for both women and men and come in a variety of shapes and designs. These combs are ideal for massaging the scalp and improve the quality of your hair by covering every aspect of hair care and styling.

You may use any of our combs on a regular basis to get your desired look by removing tangles, smoothing out your hair, and adding volume and shine to your hair. The other wonderful characteristics are:

Due to its non-petroleum, plant-based composition, combs made from cellulose acetate generate less static in hair than those made from petroleum. These eco-friendly combs are good for those with sensitive skin and minimise hair loss.

These combs are manufactured from high-grade unique alloy aluminium, making them lightweight, durable, and strong. The aluminium combs are renowned for their durability and resistance to friction and snagging.

Capture the essence of Spain with one of our authentic Spanish hair combs called peinetas. Our large selection of decorative combs include flamenco combs, wedding veils combs also known as bridal mantilla combs. Our peinetas crafted in Spain by select artisans are superior quality items.

A Spanish peineta is a traditional ornamental comb worn by women in Spain, particularly during formal events and traditional celebrations such as weddings, bullfights, and flamenco performances. The peineta is typically made of tortoiseshell or plastic and features a decorative design with ornate teeth and a curved shape. The comb is often worn with a mantilla, a type of lace veil that covers the head and shoulders, and is a symbol of Spanish culture and tradition. Today, peinetas are still worn for special occasions in Spain, but they are also popular as souvenirs and fashion accessories.

Spanish combs have a convex shape and teeth that fasten into the back of a hair bun. Originally made of tortoise shell, these combs are now made from acetate. Above all, gorgeous hand crafted hair combs allow for flexibility and greater comfort.

Made of plastic, flamenco combs come in many different colors and styles. Designed with lightweight comfort in mind, they are an excellent choice for dancing. Used for flamenco or ballet, peinetas add a traditional Spanish flair to your ensemble. In summary, flamenco combs the perfect finishing touch for many occasions!

Benefits for your hair Brushing your hair every day will help to add volume, remove tangles and improve scalp microcirculation. It will also remove debris, impurities and shedding hair.

YS Park 332 Quick Cutting Comb designed with both traditional square, and round teeth which gives the effect, and feeling of working with your fingers. The holes in the body of the comb act as aid to measure sections.( each hole is spaced 1cm apart ) Five holes equals 2 inches. The holes provide excellent grip, as well as the organic feel of the dimple finish on the body of the comb. The rounded teeth maintains equal tension, even if the combing angle is changed, and mimics the smooth controlled feeling of using your fingers. YS 332 Comb measures 7.25 inches

Steels are important to a point in a scissor, and when combined with high-quality machining and design you have a beautiful cutting shear ready to provide excellent performance for many years or career depending on the quality of service the shear receives.

You should never purchase a scissor with a stainless steel rating of less than 440C. This is an industry-standard for stainless steel in hair cutting shears. There are a few entry-level shears made using 410, and 420.

This is fiction, and simply not true. There are high-quality steels that can hold an edge longer than others with the use of Cobalt Alloys but the longest we can see a shear used everyday cutting hair to last is about 18-24 months and most need to be serviced in about 12 months.

A beautiful daisy flower in sparkling cubic zirconia is the star of this wedding hair comb for brides. This daisy flower hair comb is small but the marquise-shaped crystals of the daisy flower pack a punch in sparkle. The silver cubic zirconia bridal hair comb is ideal as a small veil comb or tucked in on the side for hair styled long.

The comb is also available with pearls in cream or white to choose from or you can even purchase the hair comb without any pearl added. The material used is rhodium plated brass. Depending on your need you can choose your color or finish in gold, silver, and rose gold.

If you are Looking for bridal hair flowers in white, this elegant wedding hair comb is made with pretty white flowers, and leaves for a perfect wedding day look. This white flower bridal hairpiece would be a seamless match with most wedding dresses, plain or in floral/leaf designs.

There are so many different kinds of hairbrushes and combs available, it can be overwhelming to know which one is right for you. Depending on the type of hair you have, you may want to use a specialized brush.

A shower hairbrush is a wet hairbrush with vents for fast drying. Its flexible design and soft bristles are perfect for sopping wet hair. Many come with a hooked bottom for easy hanging off your shower caddy.

Cushion brushes have soft rubber bases and stiff wire or plastic bristles. The stiff bristles are effective at stimulating the scalp and are good for brushing out dandruff or buildup from hair styling products, and possibly for stimulating hair growth.

Thermal brushes are round or paddle brushes with a barrel made of a material that conducts heat, such as ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium. This can speed up drying. These are generally used by hair stylists, or people who frequently use a blow-dryer.

Boar bristle brushes are popular because of their ability to redistribute the natural, healthy oils in the scalp, which enhances hair health and creates smooth, shiny locks. Every type of hair can benefit from a boar bristle brush, but a 100-percent boar bristle brush with soft bristles is a good choice for people with fine, thinning, or aging hair.

Curved brushes are ergonomically designed to fit the shape of a human head. Most are made of lightweight plastic and contain vents, which make them a good choice for travel, the gym, or anytime you want to dry your hair quickly.

For vegans or anyone who wants the benefits of a boar bristle brush without using animal products, some brushes combine other natural fibers, like agave, with synthetics to achieve a bristle that looks and feels like boar bristle.

Mixed bristle brushes combine the shine-enhancing effects of boar bristles with the scalp stimulation and easy detangling of nylon or wire bristles. This combination can be most effective for those with long or thick hair.

Vented brushes can reduce static during blow drying because they allow heat to flow through the brush, helping to illuminate static and frizz. Ionic brushes are said to reduce static and frizz by adding negative ions into hair, and metal combs may fight static.

Teasing brushes are small and designed to be used at the crown to add volume and texture to fine or limp hair, and it can create the illusion of fuller hair, which may be attractive to those experiencing hair loss.

Curly-haired people may prefer to use a sturdy, wide-toothed comb while in the shower. This can help prevent frizz and breakage that can come with combing dry curly hair. Detangling brushes with stiff bristles also work well.

Paddle brushes work well on straight, long hair, because they are able to work through a lot of hair at once while evenly distributing oils. A brush with a rubber pad works well for straight hair that is prone to static.

To keep your hair styling tools to a minimum, Thad recommends picking up a single comb that has more widely-spaced teeth on one end and more narrowly-spaced teeth on the other. Utilitarian and versatile.

If you already count yourself a fan of Oribe's shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, then this ergonomic flat brush made from European beechwood might become your new favorite hair care essential. 041b061a72


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