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Leaf vacuum mulcher - is it worth it?

Even though it is not a popular device and is often used by owners of their own land, it has many advantages. It will prove beneficial, especially in large areas with many trees.

Cleaning such an amount of leaves with an ordinary rake will turn out to be downright backbreaking work - a garden vacuum mulcher will shorten and facilitate it decisively. All thanks to the way it works. It blows leaves and then sucks them into a special bag. Thanks to this, we will clean places that are particularly difficult to access without having to rake the leaves into piles.

It should also be remembered that we can use it not only to collect leaves. It is also perfect for cleaning lawns, pavements, and driveways made of sand, gravel, branches, grass, small rubbish, and other types of dirt. The possibilities of its use are really wide.

Vacuum mulcher or leaf blower?

As you can easily guess, unlike the vacuum mulcher, the blower only blows the leaves off, so we can remove them from the lawn or hardened surfaces. However, they still need to be collected or left to rot. So if we want to completely and quickly clean our green areas, let's decide on the best leaf vacuum mulcher.

What else are the differences between these devices? Vacuum mulchers are usually lighter than blowers. However, we must remember about the bag for the collected leaves - after filling it, the weight of the equipment may increase a lot. Vacuum mulchers are also less powerful, so if we do not choose a good quality device, we may have serious problems collecting larger items, such as cans or large branches.

The best choice will be to buy equipment combining a blower and a vacuum mulcher. Thanks to this, we can easily remove garbage from all nooks and crannies and then pull it into the bag.

Leaf vacuum mulcher - which one is the best?

As already mentioned, there are many criteria for selecting the equipment in question. So let's briefly discuss all of them so that you can make the right choice.

POWER SUPPLY There are three possibilities:

  • The highest power characterizes petrol leaf vacuum mulcher, which will be perfect for large surfaces. In addition, he is not constrained by a cable or a discharging battery, which is why its mobility is high. However, this is related to the greater weight of the device, the need for frequent maintenance of its parts, and the generation of a large amount of exhaust gas and noise,

  • Electric leaf blower  - we don't have to worry about loud work or exhaust fumes. Libra, this type of device is also smaller. Their disadvantage, however, is that they are mainly powered, which means you need to use a cable. So if we do not have an extension cord, we will use the main vacuum mulcher only on small plots or the area around the house (about 30-40 meters). It should also be mentioned that electrical devices are usually weaker than battery devices,

  • Cordless leaf vacuum mulcher is an intermediate solution because it is a quiet, light device that is not limited by a cable. However, the power of such a vacuum mulcher is not very high, and the efficiency of the battery usually allows you to work continuously for about 2 hours.


The most important parameter of any leaf vacuum mulcher. We should follow the principle that the larger the cleaning area, the greater the power of the device should be. If we buy a vacuum mulcher that is too weak, we will have to take breaks every now and then so as not to damage the engine. We can expect the most from combustion vacuum mulchers - devices with a power of about 2500-3000 W (3.5-4 HP) will be sufficient in large areas.

In the case of electric models, the weakest vacuum mulchers have a power of 200 to 1000 W. They will prove sufficient only in a very small area. If you want to buy a good-quality device, you should look for products with a power of about 2000 W, although there are also electric vacuum mulchers with a power of up to 3000 W on the market. In the case of the battery model, the power range is between 10 and 18 V.

Good quality vacuum mulchers have a suction power adjustment function, thanks to which we can adapt their capabilities to our needs.


A very important parameter should also be adapted to the size of the cleaned surface. The smallest vacuum mulchers have a bag of about 20 liters; in the case of the largest ones, this value can even increase to 70 liters. However, remember that filling a large bag will significantly increase the weight of the device.


The weakest vacuum mulchers weigh about 2 kilograms, the stronger ones even 6. So let's buy a special belt, thanks to which we can hang the device on the shoulder.


If we care about silence, aim for vacuum mulchers that generate noise at the level of about 90 dB. Rather, they will be electric models. The operation of combustion devices is usually associated with noise exceeding the limit of 100 dB.


One can mention, among others, interchangeable tips, wheels, or a collapsible pipe.

Leaf vacuum mulchers - functions

In addition to purely operational parameters, it is also worth paying attention to what a specific vacuum mulcher can do. In addition to the usual dirt suction function, the following are also used:

  • Blower - as mentioned before, good quality vacuum mulchers also work as blowers. In most of them, we can completely turn off the suction in favor of just blowing the air. Thanks to this, we will move leaves, branches, and other rubbish, and also dry them a little,

  • shredder  - thanks to the fragmentation of leaves and other impurities, we will use less space for their storage. In addition, the shredder can be used to prepare compost; security - manufacturers usually equip their vacuum mulchers with switches that have to be pressed all the time. Thanks to this, there will be no situation in which the device functions without our control. Models with a so-called thermal switch that protects the engine from overheating are also popular.

Leaf vacuum mulcher - how is the company and price?

The last criterion for choosing a device is the name of the manufacturer. It is worth getting interested in the models of reputable companies. The Makita, Stihl leaf vacuum mulcher, Gardena, Einhell, or Bosch vacuum mulcher are highly recommended.

How much does a leaf vacuum mulcher cost? The price depends on its parameters and functions. We will get the cheapest of them for about PLN 70. However, they are distinguished by very low power and a small tank. If you want to buy more efficient models, we have to prepare for an expense of $150-300. Vacuum mulchers for very large areas and additional functions cost 400$ to over 500$.



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