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Crack Picador V5.4

Picador v5.4: A Powerful Software for Packaging Design and Optimization

Packaging is an essential part of any product, as it not only protects the product from damage, but also communicates its value, quality, and brand identity to the customers. However, designing and producing packaging solutions can be a complex and costly process, involving many factors such as materials, dimensions, shapes, graphics, printing, cutting, folding, assembly, and transportation. How can packaging professionals create optimal packaging solutions that meet the requirements of both the product and the market, while minimizing the environmental impact and maximizing the profitability?


One possible answer is Picador v5.4, a software program developed by treeDIM, a French company specialized in packaging CAD and POS display design software. Picador v5.4 is a comprehensive and user-friendly software that allows you to design and optimize packaging solutions for various products, materials, and machines. It offers a range of features and functions that cover the entire packaging process, from structural design to 3D prototyping to cutting and production.

Structural Design

Picador v5.4 enables you to create your own packaging designs from scratch or modify existing ones using its powerful geometric tools. You can draw any shape or pattern using lines, curves, arcs, circles, polygons, hatches, texts, images, etc. You can also use parametric design to create dynamic models that can be easily adjusted according to different parameters such as dimensions, angles, margins, etc. Picador v5.4 also provides you with many libraries of standard packaging templates that you can resize and customize according to your needs. These include FEFCO and ECMA standards for corrugated and folding carton boxes, as well as POS display standards for cardboard displays.

Picador v5.4 also helps you to generate technical specifications for your packaging designs, such as surface area, volume, weight, net size, etc. You can also calculate the optimal cutting layout for your packaging designs on different sheet sizes and materials, using its automatic nesting feature. This allows you to reduce material waste and production costs.

3D Prototyping

Picador v5.4 allows you to visualize and validate your packaging designs in 3D before producing them physically. You can transfer your 2D designs to Picador 3D, a module that automatically folds your designs into 3D models. You can then animate the folding and unfolding process of your models, as well as assemble multiple models together to create complex structures. You can also apply graphics or textures to your models to simulate the printing effect. Picador 3D also enables you to import 3D objects from other CAD software (such as Step, Stp, Iges, Igs, etc.) or 3D models with textures (such as Stl, Dae, Obj, 3DS, etc.) and position them inside or outside your packaging models. This allows you to check the fit and interaction between the product and the packaging.

Picador 3D also helps you to communicate and share your packaging designs with your clients or partners in an interactive and realistic way. You can create 3D PDF files that can be viewed and manipulated using Adobe Reader. You can also export your models in various formats such as Stl, Dae, Augmented Reality, WebGL, etc.

Cutting and Production

Picador v5.4 also assists you in the final stage of the packaging process: cutting and production. You can use Picador Cut, a module that controls various cutting machines such as plotters, lasers, routers, waterjets, etc. You can optimize the cutting path for your packaging designs on different materials and tools, using its automatic toolpath feature. You can also adjust the speed and pressure of the tools according to the material properties. Picador Cut supports most of the cutting machines on the market (such as ZUND, ARISTO, SUMMA, KONGSBERG, LASERCOMB, SEI, ELCEDE, WILD, GRAPHTEC, iECHO, MIMAKI, MECANUMERIC, etc.). You can also use Picador Cut to create cutting dies for counter-parts, using its optional die-maker feature.


Picador v5.4 is a powerful software for packaging design and optimization that offers a complete solution for packaging professionals. It allows you to create and modify packaging designs using its geometric and parametric tools, as well as its libraries of standard templates. It also allows you to visualize and validate your designs in 3D using its automatic folding and assembly features, as well as its graphic and product positioning features. It also allows you to communicate and share your designs in various formats such as 3D PDF, Augmented Reality, WebGL, etc. Finally, it allows you to optimize and control the cutting and production of your designs using its automatic nesting and toolpath features, as well as its compatibility with various cutting machines and die-makers.

If you are interested in Picador v5.4, you can download a free trial version from the treeDIM website. You can also contact them for more information or support.


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