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QSC DCP 100 User Manual Download 2021

Since more and more audio systems are network-based, more users are becoming computer and network savvy, it's apparent that we had to make the BASIS as secure as possible from accidental (or malicious) poking and probing into its settings and parameters. Anyone can download and install our software, the last thing you need at a club install is some bartender who is also a "computer nerd" hacking into the audio system and changing or erasing all the settings, just because he thinks the sound system "needs more chest-thumping bass, man!" All BASIS devices require a network password to change to the settings. The front panel can also be locked to prevent changes. By default, these passwords, along with the software Venue Manager's password, are all simply "qsc" in lower-case letters. We highly recommend you change the passwords for your projects. If you forget the password, there is no secondary or factory-reset, or back-door password into the box. In the event you ever forget your password, don't lose heart. We don't make it easy, but you can get an encrypted "hash" string from the BASIS which represents the lost or forgotten password. Call, email, or fax us that string and we'll decode it and tell you your password. However, we might first have to do a bit of ID verification before we give out that password. It is possible to allow an end-user to access certain parameters and functions of the DSP signal flow while protecting other settings. For example, you decide to allow the customer to access the Graphic EQs, but you don't want them changing the crossover settings for the loudspeakers. We've provided a means for you to password-protect any part of the DSP signal chain by enclosing any or all of it within a special block called a "DSP Macro". Not only can you password protect a macro, but the macros can be stored as "templates" to be used over and over in different projects.

QSC DCP 100 User Manual Download

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