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Best Buy Coffee Table

We bought this coffee table a month ago, we loved what it offered and decided to spend the money. However, with in 2 weeks the glass top exploded and the tempered glass shattered completely. When I contacted the manufacturer for the warranty, I was looking for a fix not even a brand new one. BUYERS BE WARE! THIS COMPANY DOESN'T COVER ANYONE ON THE TABLE! they will NOT be covering the replacement or even offer a solution. They only offered 100 buck off our next purchase, which is a joke considering the table is 1499.99

best buy coffee table

When you need a pretty yet functional spot to prop up your feet, set down a drink or display a lovely collection of design books, turn to a coffee table. Small or large, these practical pieces of furniture anchor a living space and bring an additional design element to a seating area. Here's what to consider before buying.

Overwhelmed by the thousands of options? Start by looking at your space to determine which size and style will best fit your current setup. Or, if your new coffee table serves as the jumping-off point to a whole new look, gather inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest with images that capture the feeling and layout you want to achieve.

Also, consider your lifestyle and how you'll use the coffee table. Will it be a decorative piece, additional storage or a footrest? Families with children should take into account not only the style but the shape and material (which we'll get into in a minute) since the table will likely be subject to messy hands and active play.

When ordering a coffee table online, pay close attention to the measurements. It's helpful to visualize the table by using a measuring tape to get a realistic idea of the size and how it will fit in your home.

As mentioned above, the shape, style and material of coffee tables vary greatly. The most widely available options are rectangular wood tables. However, round and oval styles made from other natural materials, like stone, glass, metal and rattan, are also popular. From a glam hexagonal marble table to a midcentury modern wood and glass stunner, with so many material and shape configurations, the options are truly limitless. Wood or metal tables offer a flat surface for drinks, food and books and often feature drawers or a shelf, but they don't offer that cozy feel that an upholstered style gives.

Ottomans provide a softer look and cushioned construction and come in many different fabrics, from supple leather and performance cotton twill to soft boucle and velvet. An ottoman gives a more classic look and will be more comfortable to sit on or rest your feet, but it will show stains and wear quicker than a non-upholstered style.

Rounded edges and easy-to-clean materials are best suited for families with active little ones. Durable fabric that can be spot-treated or tables with a sturdy wood base will withstand playtime, snack time and anything else your kids dream up. Coffee tables with an extra shelf or lift-top also come in handy for storing toys and books.

Shop our picks for affordable coffee tables to get your fix of function and fashion in your living room without any of the guilt that comes with indulgent spending. Did we mention that our picks are all under $300? You can thank us later.

We love any home accent that doubles as decor and storage, and this cute little table is no exception. Made from water hyacinth with a wrought iron frame, this spacious stool will conceal anything from blankets to toys to games and it adds the perfect textural touch to a playroom, kids' room or living room.

With a sleek, slender profile and neutral, airy appearance, this minimalist round coffee table will go with any decor style. We love the unique raised edges to keep cups and decorative items contained (and maybe, just maybe, make it harder for little hands to reach.) The metal base has an antique bronze finish while the top is made from solid mango wood, making this a seriously great buy for less than $300.

Whether you pick up one or both of these cuties (the pair is just over our $300 limit), the waterfall edge and rattan construction will definitely make a statement in an eclectic, bohemian space. The versatile design allows these to be used as stools, benches or tables, and you know we love options. A nesting style like this works really well in a tight space.

This midcentury-inspired coffee table will lend retro flair to your living space. The solid wood design boasts a natural grain finish and dark walnut stain that ushers warmth into any room. An x-base and tapered legs are steeped with modern influence and offer support for your feet during movie nights. Better still: It features an oval silhouette making the Gambino table kid-friendly and space-saving. That's a win-win, friend.

Resting on three legs instead of four, this groovy, freeform, asymmetrical-shaped coffee table would look right at home in a retro-inspired hipster hangout. The curvy design allows movement and opens up floor space while the offset shelf makes this a quirky, on-trend statement piece that will fit in a small apartment.

For a glam, luxe look, this marble and brass coffee table is it. The chic frame adds sophistication while the sturdy marble top is the perfect resting spot for drinks (use a coaster!), flowers and candles. For less than $300, this beauty will fool everyone into thinking you spent way more.

OK so technically this bohemian, Moroccan style beauty is $50 over budget, but it's just too good not to include. The hammered gold finish adds luster without being in-your-face shiny, and hidden storage under the lid makes this highly rated table even more appealing.

This rustic-meets-modern live-edge tabletop will instantly infuse whimsy, dimension and color into your living room design. The wood tabletop showcases one-of-a-kind grain and unmatched movement in a rich, teak finish. Below, four matte-black hairpin legs contrast against the natural wood top and bring a touch of midcentury flair to the design.

Kick up your feet and enjoy your afternoon coffee (read: cocktail) with this industrial-style wood and iron coffee table. The metal grid on the lower part of the table serves as a shelf that can hold up to 88 pounds of books, remote controls or maybe even your cats if they happen to find a comfortable spot. Snag it to enhance your industrial loft or rustic farmhouse living room.

The Monaco coffee table combines cozy Scandinavian style with minimalist lines to yield a versatile piece sure to elevate your living room. A solid rubberwood base with natural wood finish contrasts against the tabletop for a fresh, clean result. The two-tone coffee table serves as a central storage spot for your remotes, candles and hardcover books or as a roomy side table for your favorite armchair.

If you're looking for an affordable and dependable way to keep your coffee hot, you can't go wrong with the Kin Element Mug Warmer, which has automatic shutoff and multiple temperature settings. For simple, effective warming on a small budget, go for the Home-X Mug Warmer.

Coffee drinkers that like plenty of customization options will be best suited to a coffee maker that lets you adjust the strength of your brew and create different sizes of hot drinks. Many premium coffee makers will let you do both of these things, but you can also adjust the strength and the aroma of your coffee with a good drip filter model.

Espresso machines work by using a pump to push pressurized water through coffee grounds so that it infuses with the water to make a smooth shot of espresso. If an espresso machine has a milk frother, it will use a boiler to push steam out of the machine which is then used to give the milk a velvety texture. Pod coffee makers work by using a compacted capsule of coffee and piercing a hole in the capsule. Hot water is then powered up through the machine and pushed through the capsule to create a coffee. Some more advanced pod machines, such as the Nespresso Vertuo Next, spin the coffee pod around at high speeds so that the contents evenly infuse with water for an even smoother cup of coffee.

If you're looking for a coffee maker to use at home, either because you're spending more time working remotely and want a cup of Joe that's the same quality as you'd get in the office, or you just want to cut down on your expenses by reducing your coffee shop visits, then you're probably wondering which is the best one to buy.

For true coffee-shop-worthy espresso, then it's worth investing in one of the best espresso machines on the market right now. These ensure you can tweak the strength of the coffee by changing aspects such as the volume of water used to brew the espresso, the length of time the brewing process takes, and how tightly or loosely compacted the puck (the disc of ground coffee) is.

If you don't want to spend all your time learning how to brew the perfect coffee, or cleaning up after it, then one of the best single-serve coffee makers, also known as pod coffee machines, will produce good quality espresso with minimal mess. We rate the Nespresso Vertuo Next, but our article which Nespresso machine is best? offers plenty of further information to help you decide.

If you're in the US there's also an array of Keurig single-serve coffee makers to choose from. Check out Nespresso vs Keurig: which should you buy? if you're unsure which manufacturer you should plump for.

The Moccamaster KBGV Select continues to hold our #1 position for the best coffee maker. We feel that it offers a real wow factor without compromising performance, and it's one which is available in a selection of gorgeous colors. 041b061a72


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